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Knowing where someone truly belongs can be a difficult task for a young person. Have you been having issues with identifying which gender you think defines you? If you said yes then get a clue on your gender by taking up...

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    Do u like men

My wife has always told me she can spot a tranny from a mile away by his legs.  I created this quiz to find out.  There are a total of 48 questions.  Some are easy, others aren't.  My wife guessed only 35 of...

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What legendary male music icon are you??Finally, the quiz that tells you just what musical icon you coulda, shoulda woulda been had things turne out differently, based on matching your answers with the traits...

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    First things first.Your style of clothing has been described by others as...A diverse, flamboyant, always alternating and unafraid of what others think.You're not even afraid of the odd feminine accessory, if it looks okB you've a great body and you don't mind flaunting it, let that do the talking, plus clothes are an uneccessary discomfort, in doors i let it loose.C you're very body conscious, but like to dress up now and again, when feeling confident you stand out but happier to revert back to covering up.D you like to blend in with people your own age & you're conscious about appearing as though you don't care, almost to the point of looking slobbish E you have alot of black in your wardrobe & you like the classic leaze/rock look,but you aren't afraid to go beyond typical masculine boundaries either F just one word, spelt out, S.E.X.Y. and you've got the look G you like geek chic, sexy in a unique, very, very niche kinda way. You know some things can't be changed so use your disadvantages to their fullestH wrong

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What is the difference between Male and Female Weed Plants?
Weed plants have either male and female sex reproduction. This is because to produce seeds for the next generation. The sex of the weed plant can be determined by what grows between the nodes of the plant. The male weed plant has a pollen sac while t
What are Ductuli efferentes derived from?
Remaining excretory tubules of mesonephrosRete testis: --from medullary/testis cords (primitive sex cords) Ductuli efferentes: -- from the remaining parts of excretory tubules of mesonephros Ductus deferens& ductus epididymis: -- from the mesonephri
Which of the following hormone assays should the PCP order to determine if this man has low testosterone as a result of an impaired hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis? A 26 yo male visits his...
Testosterone and luteinizing hormoneLuteinizing hormone (LH) works directly on the interstitial cells of Leydig (i.e. Leydig cells) to stimulate the production of testosterone. Low levels of LH can result in decreased levels of testosterone, which ca
What is the pivotal change in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis that defines the onset of puberty in the male?
Increased frequency and amplitude for release of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH).