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Men are everywhere and have had a massive impact on the world. From gas masks, cars, and electricity men have created and made discoveries that have changed humanity forever. Even in nature male creatures are dominant. If you know about the male organism then show us with our male quizzes.

Use your alpha male wit to overcome challenges like: “What is the common symbol used to represent the male sex?”, “What did Otis Boykin invent?”, “Can environment impact sex-determination?”, “What male animal can get pregnant?”, and “What is testosterone?” These quizzes are for every man (and woman) to enjoy. Come display dominate male species intelligence with our quizzes. Also, remember to have fun and good luck. 

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  • do u like men
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  • do u like females
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  • First things first.Your style of clothing has been described by others as...A diverse, flamboyant, always alternating and unafraid of what others think.Youre not even afraid of the odd feminine accessory, if it looks okB youve a great body and you dont mind flaunting it, let that do the talking, plus clothes are an uneccessary discomfort, in doors i let it loose.C youre very body conscious, but like to dress up now and again, when feeling confident you stand out but happier to revert back to covering up.D you like to blend in with people your own age & youre conscious about appearing as though you dont care, almost to the point of looking slobbish E you have alot of black in your wardrobe & you like the classic leaze/rock look,but you arent afraid to go beyond typical masculine boundaries either F just one word, spelt out, S.E.X.Y. and youve got the look G you like geek chic, sexy in a unique, very, very niche kinda way. You know some things cant be changed so use your disadvantages to their fullestH wrong

  • In school you...A was a bit of a stud muffin, which helped cos you were always randy B was always getting detention for smoking and taking drugs behind the bike shed. You werent that popular either.C generally quite quiet, sat at the back of class but excelled academicallyD didnt turn up very often, always doodling in your books, didnt pay much attention and hated the school hierarchical system much like everyone elseE took a while to mature, puberty struck hard and still has, but you had many hidden talentsF went through many different phases, but never easily ledG liked sports, was one of the first to look old enough to drink and always getting told off in class for being too disruptive or loudH made shocking drawings in art, recited Satanic passages in English and played the ouiji board in Religious studies. Always made to take off your pearcings, at least the ones on visible display.

  • if you had a time teleporting machine and could visit any particular time at any particular place it would be....A 1970s New York B back to 1990s for another chance to change things, maybe meet up with friends and loose the responsibilities you have now. C Arabia, BC in a castle, surrounded by women servants and banquetsD an up and coming 1960s underground arts sceneE in space, in the future when you can roam around freely without worrying about ugly space suits or gravitational and technological limitsF pre-civilisation & somewhere warm where you can let looseG my childhood, in DisneylandH  hell

  • A 24 yo man visits his dermatologist. The man is extremely upset because he is suffering from male pattern baldness. None of his older brothers exhibit male pattern baldness. Further, this man was under the assumption that hair growth and baldness were traits inherited through his mother's genes, and he notes his maternal grandfather is 76 yo sporting a full head of thick hair. What hormone is usually elevated in young men experiencing male pattern baldness?

  • A 26 yo male visits his primary care physician (PCP). The man complains of lethargy and muscle weakness. He then explains to his PCP that he and his wife have been trying to get pregnant for the past 8 months with no success.  The man further explains that sometimes he is unable to maintain an erection, and because he can't match his wife's libido he is feeling depressed. His PCP suspects this man may have decreased levels of testosterone. Which of the following hormone assays should the PCP order to determine if this man has low testosterone as a result of an impaired hypothalamic‐pituitary‐testicular axis?

  • A mature spermatazoan typically survives for how many weeks?