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A lot of people look at a teacher’s job and think, “Sure, I could do that!” But planning a 45-minute or more lesson for 30 students isn’t as easy as it may sound. What kind of format should you use, and which learning styles will you address? What is the objective you want to accomplish by covering this material, and how will you know whether or not you’ve succeeded? What kind of assessments can you incorporate into the time period, and how will you circle back to topics previously discussed in the hopes of building on them toward new knowledge?

If you think you could lesson plan your way out of a paper bag, or if you want some food for lesson-designing thought, take our quiz on lesson trivia, and see if you learn any bright ideas from it!
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    It is important to learn about quantum mechanics because

These questions deal with trends in atomic radii.  look at table S if you have any questions.

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    An atom of which element has the largest atomic radius?

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    Vinegar is added to baking soda and bubbles of carbon dioxide rapidly form.  A cloudy liquid is left behind.  What are products in this chemical reaction?

Answer the following Questions to understand this lesson better You can use the previous exponent laws as reference

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    (ab)0 = 1

These questions deal with organelles.  Look for keywords and consult your notes. REMEMBER:  PERIOD# followed by FIRST & LAST NAME

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    Which set of functions is directly controlled by the cell membrane?  

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What is the difference between Deductive Reasoning and Inductive Reasoning?
Deductive reasoning has basically observed to be usually viewed as top to bottom kind of reasoning, while inductive reasoning is usually viewed as a bottom-up kind of reasoning. In inductive reasoning, the cause and consequences or effect analysis of
What is the difference between During and While?
The words "during" and "while" are two common English words, that have few similarities, and quite some wide differences. The two words both make reference to time; that is a particular time interval. Despite the fact that they bo
What is the difference between Fact and Opinion?
Facts and opinions are both statements. They can come in the form of articles, papers, or even spoken commentary. The difference between them is the root of the statement. Facts are rooted in truth. They have backing and support to prove that they ar
What happens when vinegar is added to baking soda?
The process of combining vinegar and baking soda to form a chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide and cloudy liquid.Mixing vinegar with baking soda produces a chemical reaction because baking soda is a base and the vinegar is an acid, which if com
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