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Tuloquerisne Latine? While Latin is a dead language – no longer spoken by any human civilization – its history is still apparent in the words we use today, from its descendants among the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese) to our scientific vocabulary.

Have you ever described a piece of artwork’s aesthetics? Or dissected an amphibian in biology class? Then you may have been speaking Latin all along without even knowing it. If you love the linguistics of the lingua latina, if you want to declare how much you dream declensions all day long, if you’re infected with affection for inflection, then take our Latin quiz and prove the classics are still alive and well in this day and age.

Latin Questions & Answers

Which physical features located in Latin America play an important role in the daily life of people?
The Amazon River The Andes Mountains The Amazon Rainforest The large section of the American continents, that is, stretching from the North; Mexico via Chile and the South; Argentina is broadly referred to as the Latin America. It is a home to milli
Which country conquered the Inca Civilization lasted from 1200-1535?
The Incan Empire was overthrown by Francisco Pizarro, who was a Spanish conquistador. The Spanish conquest of the Incan empire was an important campaign in the Spanish colonization of the Americas. The Spanish conquered the Incans after a victorious
Which one of these is a Latin preposition?
Pro. it means "for" in Latin. it is an acceptable answer
How many countries are in the southern region of Africa?
13, count 'em! dot means .