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Ever hear that life is a journey, not a destination? Well, get ready to plan your own journeys for your next trip. A journey is not a weekend getaway a couple hours from the house. Nor is it that all inclusive beach vacation. Or that family vacation to the theme park.
A journey is a long trip, often far away. It involves adventure. It is hiking the forest. Riding down the white water rapids on a raft. Landing in a foreign country. What do you know about taking a journey? What do you need to know in advance? What can, or even should, be left to chance and the spirit of adventure? Get ready for a virtual adventure as you take these quizzes on journeys. 

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  • What is your primary goal?
    Journey question from

  • I really just need...
    Journey question from

  • How much time do you spend on self-care each week?
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  • Where did the first road trip tool place?

  • The first road trip was from Mannheim to ....................?

  • The first road distance covered was ........................?

  • What is the fifth stage of the Hero's Journey?
    Journey question from

  • Who is the person that guides and prepares the hero for the journey?
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  • The hero could also be known as the _______.
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  • Some random person offers you a drink at vidcon. What do you do?

  • You're at a REALLY FUN dancing party at VidCon. What do you do?

  • Whats you favorite show out of my suggestions?