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Less sci-fi and more of a thriller, Alfonso Cuaron’s incredibly stimulating and visually stunning film Gravity, does not fail to send chills down your spine. Do you know it took the whole team 4.5 years to make this exceptional piece of cinema? That’s quite a lot of time, isn’t it?
Whether you are a huge fan of George Clooney, or a space enthusiast, put your knowledge to test by taking on these Gravity quizzes! Do you know Sandra Bullock trained under an ISS official to mimic the microgravity movements for the movie? What real life events led to the conception of the idea behind Gravity, or who was the man behind the familiar voice from mission control? If these seem too basic for your erudite mind, you may want to check out our quizzes to challenge yourself!

Gravity and Space for Year Nine revision before end of topic test.

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    What O decides the length of a year.

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    Gravity is down.

Gravity, or gravitation, is a phenomenon that is natural. It operates on the principle that anything with mass will move towards each other. Stone thrown up falls to the ground and atoms and photons move to each other.

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    The gravitational attraction of the original gaseous matter present in the?

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Gravity Questions & Answers

Which of the following descriptions best describes gravity?
The statement that best-described gravity has to be 1. This is the force that pulls the objects to the ground. It should be remembered that gravity is known to be a force that pulls objects towards the center of the earth. This applies to anything th
Why is Einstein's definition of gravity considered more accurate?
Because it is. Let me explain! Newton’s concept of gravity is good for explaining the basic motions around us and still holds in many situations but the problem is that Newton made a mistake. Newton treated gravity as a force, and in working,
What is gravitational radiation?
Before discussing gravitational radiation, let’s talk gravitational waves, as they play a huge role in gravitational radiation. Gravitational waves are created when there is a disturbance in space and time, which creates curvature that radiates
Why is gravity an inherent property of every body?
Gravity is considered to be an inherent part of everybody because everything that can be seen in this world is connected to the center which is where gravity is supposed to come from. People are being pulled towards the center of the earth. There are