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  • The Moon is stuck in orbit around the Earth, due to Earth's gravity.
    The Moon is stuck in orbit around the Earth, due to Earth's gravity.
    The answer to the moon is stuck in an orbit around our world is true

  • Which of the following descriptions best describes gravity?
    Which of the following descriptions best describes gravity?
    The statement that best-described gravity has to be 1. This is the force that pulls the objects to the ground. It should be remembered that gravity is known to be a force that pulls objects towards the center of the earth. This applies to anything that has mass. Take note that if there are other laws that are considered, then there may be slight changes to the rule. Over the past years, there are some changes to this description namely that gravity can be because of the attraction between two different objects that have masses. It is probable that there are still going to be other changes about that in the long run.

  • Why is Einstein's definition of gravity considered more accurate?
    Why is Einstein's definition of gravity considered more accurate?
    Because it is. Let me explain! Newton’s concept of gravity is good for explaining the basic motions around us and still holds in many situations but the problem is that Newton made a mistake. Newton treated gravity as a force, and in working, gravity isn’t a force which accelerates. Scientifically speaking, gravity doesn’t exist like Newton defines it. Newton was never able to explain how gravity works and refused to even try.   Einstein concluded that gravity is something you ‘feel’ when you have a surface. Once that surface is removed, there is no gravity and you are weightless. All objects in the universe are simply free falling towards the deep hollow of the universe between space and time, and external barriers and forces like velocity, magnetic fields etc keep them from doing so. Gravity is simply a curvature of spacetime. For example, we are falling into the center of the earth because of its mass and we would keep doing it but the surface of the earth prevents us from doing so. The surface acts as a barrier and causes a curvature in spacetime. This curvature is the gravity we feel. Newtonian gravity holds in 3 dimensions but fails when the 4th dimension of time is added. Newton’s theory treats time as a constant whereas Einstein defines gravity in a 4d space defining time as another dimension. Einstein’s definition holds true both experimentally and theoretically and is therefore considered more accurate. Newton would be so pissed if he was alive!  

  • What is gravitational radiation?
    What is gravitational radiation?
    Before discussing gravitational radiation, let’s talk gravitational waves, as they play a huge role in gravitational radiation. Gravitational waves are created when there is a disturbance in space and time, which creates curvature that radiates outward from the center of accelerated masses. Mass is what causes these waves to curve outward from the source, and the more mass within a certain volume of space then there is more curvature seen in the waves seen at the boundary of space and time. These curves change as the objects (white dwarfs, neutron stars, or black holes collisions) move around reflecting that the objects have moved. Sometimes, when objects accelerate, the curve will also move outward at the speed of light in a wave-like manner. These activities are referred to as gravitational waves. Everything creates energy, regardless of what it is, and in this case, these waves create energy. When massive bodies move quickly, radiant energy is created, but because gravity is weak, it can only be detected when intense astrophysical events occur, i.e. black holes colliding and supernovae. The energy that is produced by these waves that occur when massive bodies collide is referred to as gravitational radiation.

  • Where is the centre of gravity located?
    Where is the centre of gravity located?
    Centre of the Inner Core NarniaIf you really put Narnia my dear, I am laughing like you have NO CLUE....

  • Issac Newton discovered Gravity?
    Issac Newton discovered Gravity?
    False he did not discover gravity, he was the first person to realize that gravity occurs everywhere

  • What would we would be without Gravity?
    What would we would be without Gravity?
    Be weightless, weightless, floating

  • Why hasn't Harvey Weinstein been charged of rape yet?
    Why hasn't Harvey Weinstein been charged of rape yet?
    Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein hasn't been charged with "sexual assault" yet by law enforcing agencies, however, police in at leastthree cities are citing evidence against him and if it amounts to something then will file a charge sheet.

  • Why is gravity an inherent property of every body?
    Why is gravity an inherent property of every body?
    What is inherent in every body is that it is on Earth, which has force attracting every body to its centre. This is gravitational force. This, and the acceleration generated by this force is known as the acceleration due to gravity.   It is denoted by the letter 'g'. In simple terms, imagine placing any object in the air with nothing like a table or support underneath it. It will fall to the ground. This is gravitational force.

  • What is the force between them? Consider two planets in space that gravitationally attract each other. If the masses of both planets are doubled, and the distance between them is also doubled.
    What is the force between them? Consider two planets in space that gravitationally attract each other. If the masses of both planets are doubled, and the distance between them is also doubled.
    None of these

  • What is quantum gravity?
    What is quantum gravity?
    This is a theory still being developed in physics that attempts to take account of both quantum mechanics and general relativity. If a successful description of quantum gravity could be achieved, then this might amount to a 'theory of everything' - no small matter!   Quantum gravity is an overall term for such combinational theories, ie attempts to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces of physics. It usually amounts to proposing the existence of a theoretical entity, a graviton, which is a virtual particle that mediates the gravitational force.

  • What do you understand about gravitational singularities?
    What do you understand about gravitational singularities?
    The discussion of gravitational singularities must be considered as a theorem. In two hypothetical situations, the implosion of a planetary body or the universe spatially closed. In either case, the laws of physics as we know them cease to operate and gravitational singularities would be expected.   In the center of a black hole is a gravitational singularity. this is a one-dimensional point which contains a huge mass but in an infinitely small space. Here density and gravity become infinite so that space-time curves infinitely. Our known laws of physics cannot encompass such eventuality.

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