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We will be quizzing you on non alcoholic drinks and terms used.  Good luck!

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    Shirley Temple is composed of ...

Good Luck! 

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Luck is basically a force that brings good fortune or adversity. Everyone is lucky in one-way or way or another. Most people believe in good luck and sometimes believe that an object can be in control of it. Give the quiz...

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    When I go out I usually forget my...

Welcome, You are now about to take the Bodyguard Test. Good Luck - JoseP,

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    When your a bodyguard, your supposed to greet every recruit in a nice manner.

Choose if the answer is True or False based on the information you were given yesterday!  Good Luck

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    Pottery is one of the major uses of clay.


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What does machine level security refer to?
Many people have computers and other devices. In order to gain access to your own computer, you may have to put in a username and password. Often times, we make sure that our username and password are saved on our own computer so that we don’t
What is one example of a redefining market being diintermediated, and how have they been reintermediated?
A few examples from class are:the travel industry. people used to have travel agents who would book and plan trips for them, now there are e-businesses online like,, and there used to be booksto
Part 1. Time Wants to sell his old iPhone 3 to an online store, in order ro recieve money to get a new iPhone. What type of e-business model does this situation represent? Part 2. Tim then...
Part 1.) tim selling his old iphone 3 to an online store is representing the consumer to consumer, e-business model. he is selling his iphone online for another consumer to buy. part 2.) the answers may vary. by tim could simply go to a store like