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What do you know about commercial mail receiving? Have you ever worked in the business? You might have certainly heard of it before. Rack your brain for all those fun and interesting facts you harbor and put them to the test by answering the questions on this quizzes. These quizzes will also help you to gain huge chunks of information about Freight Forwarding. 

A forwarding agent is also known as a NVOCC. What does NVOCC stand for? What are the four main types of freight forwarding transportation? What is Lloyd’s Loading List? Thomas Meadows was one of the earliest freight forwarders, who did he work for? In which country freight forwarders must have a license? Have fun, and learn something new by attempting our quizzes on Freight Forwarding.

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    What is B/L stand for?

This Quiz was Created to determine your knowledge and compatence Concerning,Freight Terms, Rates, Domestic and International shipping regulations and or guidelines.

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    If you are shipping  metal parts through SAIA what is the fright class you use?

Freight Forwarding Questions & Answers

What is Shipbroking?
An activity which forms part of the international shipping industry.
Who is a Ship Broker?
A specialist intermediaries between shipowners and the charterers who use ships to transport cargo, or between buyers and sellers of ships.