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Face Questions & Answers

Can you identify this girl?
The correct answer to this question is Salma Nabi per an internet search, I found that she is active on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the video site YouTube. Her specific location isn't known because it shows that she
Who's this?
The correct answer to this question is Anuja Chumble. With modern technology, an internet search using your preferred search engine can help with finding more information out about this person. I used Google and the common thing that appeared was tha
Who's this?
The correct answer to this question is Allie Mootz. It is easy to find out information about someone you may not know. A simple search using search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo can help you gain information about a person. I used Google and ty
What things are different about the two sides of her face?
Her eyes are bigger on the left side Face is fatter on the right side