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Sup dude! Are you ready to do some kickflips? Or maybe you'd rather cruise down the boardwalk in your element shoes? Either way, you're well dressed and accessorized from your head to underneath your feet!

Do you know about skateboards? Can you answer questions about the element boards? You may not have one that's MADE of water or fire, but with you're gonna need some water to cool yourself off once you're on fire with these quizzes! There's shoes, caps, boards and hoodies in here, all waiting for you to answer what are you waiting for? Get into your element and take these quizzes!

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  • What is the first element in the periodic table?

  • What is one of the negative qualities of the element of water?

  • Which of the following elements is a noble gas?

  • A good friend comes to you, clearly riled up and upset. They know you well, and know your type of reaction is just the input they need at that moment. What made them come to you for support?

  • Playing around with a standard deck of cards, you and your friends decide to assign a suit to each other. Your friends all agree on a suit that reminds them of you. What would that most likely be?

  • An angry dog has wandered into your front yard and is prowling about, barking threateningly. What is the first thing you would likely do to resolve the issue?

  • What is the name of Kr ?
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  • What is the name for C ?
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  • What is the name of F ?
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  • Mg is the symbol for
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  • symbol for Sodium
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  • Ne is the symbol for
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