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Element Questions & Answers

What is the symbol for Zinc?
Zinc is traditionally denoted as Zn and therefore, the chemical symbol of zinc is Zn. It is a transition metal. Zinc has an atomic number of 30. Zinc is similar to magnesium in chemical structure as both elements exhibit just one normal oxidation st
What is the difference between Alloy and Composite?
The alloy and the composite are known to be highly similar to each other. The composite is made out of two or more components that will not be composed of metals. The alloy is also composed of two or more components but it should have some metal as a
What is the difference between an Element and a Compound?
In science, you may see the terms “compound” and “element” quite often. That is because they are words that are used often in describing science concepts. The main difference between compounds and elements is what makes them u
What is the difference between Quick Sort and Merge Sort?
Quick sort and merge sort are two sorting techniques used in arranging items that seem complex in a definite proportion and order, so that each item being sorted can be easily located. However, there are differences between quick sort and merge sort.