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Why doesn't Dell advertise itself too much?
Dell isn't one to advertise much but when they do, they go all out. They spent 3.5 million on Spider Man ads and there were only a couple of them. But for the most part, they rely on word of mouth. Some say that they don't need to spend their money a
Do you think Dell has the right to go public again?
Dell actually has the right to go public if they want to. Is it the right thing to do? That's a different story entirely. It seems a bit greedy to some and against company ethics as well. But, they do have the right to do so. In fact, they are going
How many laptops does Dell sell on average?
Dell came on the scene in 1984, Over the years, they have certainly sold their share of computers, both desktops and laptops. They have place third again in laptop sales. Dell sells an average of millions of laptops every year. Their laptops generall
Does Dell sponsor gaming events?
Dell sponsors gaming events. The Alienware side of the company is big on gaming and therefore Dell has said they have agreed to become a multi year sponsor. They will do so with Riot Games. They are behind the sponsorship of League of Legends which i