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Just off the coast of Florida lies the little island country of Cuba. Did you know that Cuba is where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492? The country belonged to Spain until 1902, finally gaining their independence. Political turmoil erupted in Cuba, resulting in over 20 different presidents from 1902 until 1959. Do you know the name of the man who finally united the country with a Communist revolution?
Since Cuba became a Communist country, ties between Cuba and the US have been constrained. What was the name of the secret CIA operation that attempted to overthrow the Communist leader? It was a complete failure for the US, cementing a hostile environment, that lives on today, between Cuba and the US. However, tensions are easing, and tourism and travel to and from Cuba is becoming a main economic boost for the country. Put your political ideas aside and learn more about this mysterious Caribbean country by taking one of our quizzes on Cuba!

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  • Your ideal day is...

  • Your favourite cocktail is...

  • The Cuban dish I would most like to try is...

  • Guantanamo Bay is located on which shore of Cuba?

  • Cuba is situated between which two bodies of water?

  • The Cayman Islands, southwest of Cuba, are a territory controlled by which country?

  • Cuba lies east of which body of water?
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  • Which strait in the Caribbean Sea separates Cuba and Haiti?
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  • Cuba is located 140 km south of which archipelago?
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  • ¿Dónde está Cuba?
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  • ¿Cuáles son los vecinos de Cuba?
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  • Cuba es la isla más_______________________ del occidente.
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