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Time for a nice quiz about one of the most interesting countries in the world. It spans throughout an entire continent but it’s still not the largest country in the world. It’s not even the largest in population terms, nor the most dense. In fact, most of it’s residents are located at the shoreline. 

Does Kangaroos make you think of one particular country? Yes, it is Australia and Kangaroos are its national animal. 

We’re talking about Australia and the all amazing things its known for! What is Australia’s capital? What are the local indigenous people called? What landmark building can be found in Sydney's harbor? How many types of poisonous snakes can one find in Australia? How many shark attacks are reported each year in the waters off the coast of Australia? 

Pack your backpack because we’re going on a trip thousands of miles away! These quizzes are going to help you come out of your prejudices about Australia and make you aware of the real identity of the island nation!

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