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  • In what continent is New Zealand?
    In what continent is New Zealand?
    AustralasiaAustralasia mainly consists of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

  • Why is schooling compulsory in New Zealand?
    Why is schooling compulsory in New Zealand?
    Schooling is compulsory in New Zealand because they feel it is vital to their countries success. They place a very high value on education because they believe that's what it takes to get ahead in life and for the entire country. Without education, they feel one would go nowhere, and the country would not be able to succeed. Schooling is mandatory between the ages of 6 and 16 and is also free. It is more advanced than in many other places in the country, and it is a place many want to study in, especially for the higher education which isn't cheap but is known to be among the best places for college. Schooling receives the attention in New Zealand that it should everywhere because it is that important to living a full and prosperous life and something we should enforce so everyone has a chance at success.

  • Why can't foreigners buy property in New Zealand?
    Why can't foreigners buy property in New Zealand?
    It is no longer a news that foreigners don't have the right anymore to buy residential properties, this is just part of the measures put in place by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern led government to curb the increasing rate at which foreigners are trooping into the country to buy houses at the detriment of the citizens, a report done by the government revealed house rent has increased by 30 percent. However, this is not a complete ban on foreigners as there is still exception. The measure was taken at a time the activities of the foreigners towards buying of residential properties became too high as this was dragging the country into housing problem. This move has been applauded by the citizens who think the development has rekindle their hope of owning a house. The law will definitely prevent foreign buyers from country like China from buying homes in New Zealand

  • What are the top places to live in New Zealand?
    What are the top places to live in New Zealand?
    If you want to live, work in New Zealand or come for vacation, there are nice places you can stay and enjoy the beauty of the country. Queenstown is one important and beautiful place you can't afford to stay. It is filled so many opportunities and there are many outdoors activities that will make your living a worthwhile one. There are many big industries in Queenstown thereby giving the chances of finding great jobs for you to a living. The second place is Napier, the cost of living in Napier is low compared to other places in the country, and Napier is one wonderful place you should consider for yourself if you are willing to come to New Zealand. If you really want to come to New Zealand either you are coming to work, stay or just for holiday and you want a different place where you will always catch a glimpse of natural wonders, Rotorua is the best place for you to live, its tourists hotspot. There are amazing physical wonders that will make your stay a memorable one.

  • Why is New Zealand so rich?
    Why is New Zealand so rich?
    New Zealand today, is regarded as one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Many people always wonder how New Zealand which is very small in population has been able to attain such robust economy. On the contrary, their progress doesn't live in the fact that they have a very small population but that they are able to maximize the little resources they have into making some diversification into agriculture, manufacturing and forestry. Agriculture forestry, viticulture are major sources of revenue for New Zealand. Also they do export their dairy products into other countries. Presently, the country has 6.9 million cows. Their manufacturing sector is another source of revenue, the home demand for cars alone is exceedingly high let alone what they export to other countries. New Zealand is also blessed with amazing landscape and natural wonders that appeal greatly to one's eyes. Tourists use to visit New Zealand in their folds just to catch a glimpse of those natural endowments

  • What are some top educational courses in New Zealand?
    What are some top educational courses in New Zealand?
    New Zealand is known for a lot of things: kiwis, rugby, Lord of the Rings. You may be shocked to learn that it is also home to some of the greatest educational programs. Countries like the United States tend to stick with universities for secondary education. New Zealand has universities as well, along with secondary vocational schools and tertiary vocational training. There is a big focus on hands-on education. Best of all, these programs are internationally recognized, so the world is your oyster! In New Zealand, bachelor-level work is labeled “graduate” work. “Post Graduate” degrees would be what Americans consider a Master’s or beyond. Some of the most common programs include: National Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Technology, Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, and a Post Graduate Diploma of Computer Graphic Design. All of these degrees translate to jobs worldwide. All programs, of course, have prerequisites, so be sure to check on those!

  • What is the capital of New Zealand?
    What is the capital of New Zealand?

  • Why doesn't New Zealand have snakes?
    Why doesn't New Zealand have snakes?
    It is really something uncommon that a country could exist without a specie of snake in it. That's exactly the case with New Zealand. The only set of snakes you can see are the ones kept in the zoo. There have been so many explanation about why New Zealand doesn't have a single snake on her land. This reason for the non-existence of snakes in New Zealand is simply her geographical location. The country surrounded by water, and more of being isolated from the rest of the world. It will take thousands of kilometers before you can spot the nearest landmass. Another reason is the conscious effort of the New Zealand government to ensure they have a country totally free from snake but snakes do slip into their country via shipping containers and more reason for their is that the appearance of snakes in the country would endanger other native wildlife in the country

  • What things should I not forget to dowhile in New Zealand?
    What things should I not forget to dowhile in New Zealand?
    One of the most amazing places on earth is New Zealand. The country is filled with a lot of beautiful things for eyes to behold. If you find yourself in New Zealand, you should try and get a glimpse of those amazing natural formations in New Zealand. The following are the list of what you should not forget to do while in New Zealand. You should try to visit sand dunes and board down from 90 miles beach by skiing or surfing. It is a great experience you would really love to see. Another thing you should try to do is to climb their volcanic island, at this place you stand to get some ferry services delivered to you where you can get a whole day exploring the various landscape formation on the island. You should also have a taste of those New Zealand finest wine. You can also visit some New Zealand favorite exhibits like museum. A visit to waimangu volcanic valley will definitely amaze you. More so, there are many other places you can visit to enjoy yourself in New Zealand

  • Can an Indian easily get a job In New Zealand?
    Can an Indian easily get a job In New Zealand?
    Indians can get jobs in New Zealand, but it isn't easy. You'll have to go through a lengthy process. First, you will be required to apply for a working Visa. Since a good number of people from India are educated, skilled, and qualified, all that is needed is to apply to work. But NZ is quite picky about giving their jobs out. You can apply through Skilled Migration Visa Category programs which are programs that allow qualified, skilled worker to come to the country and work, Indian or not. But the process of successfully being accepted is painstaking. It can happen, though.

  • Why don't people want to live in New Zealand as of now?
    Why don't people want to live in New Zealand as of now?
    New Zealand was always considered a pretty safe place to visit and live in. All that is changing though, thanks to the attack of Christchurch which was a terrorist attack in nature. It took place recently and has people afraid to live or even visit the country. Immigration in the country of New Zealand is very aware of the fact that the mass shooting which took place in Christchurch I disturbing and alarming for migrants that are going into New Zealand and also for those who are considering a move there or a visit. The attack took the country by surprise and many are just too scared it could happen again.

  • Does New Zealand allow dual citizenship?
    Does New Zealand allow dual citizenship?
    New Zealand is also one of the countries that allows dual citizenship, although we have some countries that do not give room for such opportunity. Dual citizenship allows a man to be a citizen of two countries at the same time. There are many conditions that must be met before you can get New Zealand citizenship. One important part of the conditions is that the country you are coming from must also allow dual citizenship, if not you won't be given New Zealand citizenship unless you can stop being a citizen of that country and get New Zealand citizenship. And also if you give birth in New Zealand and you or the other parent is from New Zealand, the baby will automatically be registered as a New Zealand citizen. More so, you might need to give up on New Zealand citizenship if you are applying to be a citizen of a country that does allow dual citizenship