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Belgium Questions and Answers

  • Who was Eugène Flagey? 
    Belgium question from

  • The first supermarket ever opened in Belgium on 18 December 1957 was: 
    Belgium question from

  • Which of the following facts about Belgian chocolate is NOT true?: 
    Belgium question from

  • With an OVI Nokia account you currently have access to these services:

  • How many email accounts can be configured on a mobile with Nokia Messaging?

  • The OVI Store application for mobile, is it available in different languages?

  • Albert II announced his abdication on the 21st July 2013. How many European monarchs abdicated before him in 2013?
    Belgium question from

  • 1.38 million foreign-born residents in Belgium constitute 12.9% of the total population. Which group is the largest?
    Belgium question from

  • Elio Di Rupo is the Prime Minister of Belgium since 6 December 2011. Which of the following facts are true? (More than one answer possible)
    Belgium question from

  • What is the most exported product in Spain?

  • In what year was the Barcelona Olympics?

  • Who wrote el quijote de la mancha

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