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How many modes does a CPU have?
(C) 2 A CPU has 2 modes 1> Privileged mode In this mode, you can access all the areas of memory and make changes in any register. So basically you have unrestricted access to Privileged mode. 2> User mode In this mode, you get to access th
What is the difference between Pentium and Xeon processors?
There are several major differences when it comes to the Intel Pentium processor and the Intel Xeon processor. The Pentium processor is the one that is in regular desktop computers where the Xeon processor is always located in servers. The Pentium is
What is the process of preparing a floppy disk to store data from a computer called?
To be able to save data on a floppy disk from a computer, formatting must be done first so, C is the correct answer. It is a process where we prepare a floppy disk, hard disk drive, or USB flash drive for its initial use. Formatting is usually done w
Are AMD processors good?
AMD processors are the direct competition to the Intel processors. The question is if the AMD processors are any good. AMD processors are good because they focus on a different sector of the processor than Intel. Where Intel is all about overclocking