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What types of work are copyrighted?
Stuff that are copywrited is: 1. Musical 2. Literary 3. Dramatic 4. Graphical
What is copyright?
A legal protection that guarantees that only the original creator of the work has the right to use it. A legal protection against copying and using original work. A legal intellectual property protection that is in place for a certain amount of tim
What is fair use?
1. It is US law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission but only under certain circumstances.Fair use allows for parodies or social criticism, among other things. It is a gray and hazy area.
Is the following true or false? Mr. Smith rents a video and brings it to school. As a reward, the video is shown in the multipurpose room to reward students with perfect attendance. This is...
1. FalseEntertainment and reward are excluded under copyright guidelines. To show a movie for entertainment purposes, he must obtain a version from an authorized distributer who can license you to show it.