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Computer Forensics Questions and Answers

  • What must an investigator do in order to offer a good report to a court of law and ease the prosecution?

  • Which of the following is NOT a legitimate authorizer of a search warrant?

  • Which of the following is TRUE regarding computer forensics?

  • Which of the below, is the name of one of the two logical root keys, that reside in the system hard drive of the Windows Registry?
    Computer forensics question from

  • Which of the statements below, belong to the A.C.P.O Principles? (Select as many as applicable)
    Computer forensics question from

  • The Examination & Analysis stage is completed before the Collection & Preservation stage, of the Forensic Process
    Computer forensics question from

  • 1. Encryption is handled by the ___________ . (1) (a) Transport layer(b) Session layer(c) Presentation(d) Network layer

  • There are three c's in computer forensics. Which is one of the three?
    Computer forensics question from

  • You are suppose to maintain three types of records. Which answer is not a record?
    Computer forensics question from

  • Physical Forensics Discipline include which of the following?
    Computer forensics question from

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