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You’ve landed a job as head coach, but your job is far from over. See how you’d respond in each of these scenarios and find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a coach.

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    You have a U/9 girls soccer team and as the coach you:

We know you like your coaches, but how well do you really know them? Match the coach with the fun fact - the athlete with the most correct answers will win!

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    This coach loves ice cream, sour patch kids and haribo gummy bears.

Name That Head Coach

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    What is coaches fave food


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What things are required for teams to solve the problem?
A copy of the Long-Term problem the team chooses to solve. The Program Guide. Clarifications.Teams must use the Long-Term problem to know the required elements, Spirit of the Problem, the Creative Emphasis of the problem, and limitations of the probl
How many copies of the Style Form does the team need to bring?
4The style form lists which items judges will score for the style components of a team. Style forms are especially important as judges score exactly what the teams communicate; therefore, the wording of the form influences the teams score, not just t
What's the penalty for a missing or incorrect membership sign?
The penalty will be -1 to -15 points.To ensure that the judges score the correct team, and to be recognized by the audience, every team must have a membership sign that is readable from a minimum of 25 feet away throughout the presentation of its lon