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Listed below are some words.Which one will appear FOURTH in the list if they are arranged in ALPHABETICAL ORDER?Bless---Blink---Blast---Blower---Blur
But u comes after obl is same in both blurAfter that comes is o in blower and u in blueI'm not understanding
Which sentence has a GRAMMAR mistake?
My mother told me to put the book back in its place from Amira
What is the difference between Middle Class and Working Class?
The working class includes individuals, groups, and families who can be primarily characterized as having some or no college education and living in rented homes. Members of the working class are usually hard at work in manual, unskilled, or semi-ski
What is the difference between Online Classes and Traditional Classes?
Online classes and traditional classes are both learning platforms. The two offer quality teaching, having teachers, taking lessons, plus course outline, and sitting examinations. The online class is for independent students. It's just the student an