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    What is the English translation of Beijing?

The early Chinese immigrants brought with them their customs and other social and cultural habits. Take this quiz on Chinese culture and Chinatown, one of Singapore's oldest historical areas, in Singapore. You...

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    The first wave of immigrants from China to come to Singapore were in

FIrst go over the syllabus with your parent/guardian--explain to them anything mentioned in class that was not printed on the actual syllabus.  Please work together with your parent or guardian to complete this...

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    What must a student bring to class every day?(choose all of the below that apply)

This quiz will enhance your knowledge on Chinese culture in your future practice.

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    Which of the following is NOT a primary religion practiced in China?

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    Who was the head of the Communist Party in China at the time of the Cultural Revolution?

Chinese Culture Questions & Answers

In what year did the Cultural Revolution end?
The answer is actually April 1969. The 9th CCP congress declared the cultural revolution was officially over. I understand the theory of it ending in 1976 due to the death of Mao. However key events in the ending of the C.R. had happened well before
Why do the Chinese eat everything?
The Chinese do not necessarily eat everything available under the sun. However, under the current government - the Chinese Communist Party - a lot of people in China live on less than $10 a day. That is barely enough to feed one person for a day. Mo
Why do Chinese people not help each other?
Chinese people don’t help each other for a variety of reasons. Some of them are the same ones you and I would give when a friend needs our help but we can’t: I’m sick, I don’t have the money, etc. However, there’s a much
What is the most followed religion in China?
This is a tricky question to answer. Officially, China’s CCP is atheist, and any member of the CCP has to be an atheist as well. However, there are still Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians, among others, in China. This brings up an interesting