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  • The brain of the cell is the...
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  • This is the jelly-like cushioning that carries particles around the cell.
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  • This stores water, nutrients and other substances for the cell to use at a later time.
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  • Check all statements that are part of the Modern Cell Theory.

  • Multicellular organisms are also prokaryotic.

  • An example of a prokaryotic organism is bacteria.

  • Which type of organelle or structure is primarily involved in the synthesis of lipids?

  • Hydrolytic enzymes must be segregated and packaged to prevent general destruction of cellular components. Which of the following organelles contains these hydrolytic enzymes in animal cells?

  • In a plant cell, DNA may be found

  • what is the importance of the glycocalyx in cell interactions?
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  • which two types of cell junctions would you expect to find between muscle cells of the heart?
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  • what is the energy source for all types of diffusion?
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