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    The primary problem in cataract is:

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    Can cataracts be prevented? 

This quiz is about cataract surgery and cataract itself. If you want to challenge your knowledge on this topic you should take this quiz and see how many correct answers you can score!

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    What exactly is a cataract?


Cataract Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Glaucoma and Cataract?
A cataract is known to be changed in the lens of the eye. This would make the lens of the eye become more cloudy so the light will not have the ability to enter the eye properly. There are some people who undergo surgery in order to cure this conditi
Can laser surgery cure cataracts?
The human body, from the onset, has been exposed to diverse risks, ailments, diseases, and several negative infections. The people in the time past suffered from some diseases and died, simply because there was no good or right approach to cure the i
Can cataract occur in only one eye?
The body is formed in an orderly manner, where the combination of cells form tissue, tissues form organs, and some particular organs form a system. There are five major sense organs on the body are the skin for the sense of touch, tongue for the sens
Do cataract patients get eye transplants?
There are several organs in the body performing different functions. Each organ has its own infection or disease that is liable to afflict it. There are several approaches to the cure of whichever disease affecting a particular organ. The treatment f
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