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Carbon Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Pig Iron and Carbon Steel?
Iron is an element on the periodic table. Iron is known for being strong just as steel is. Many things are made of steel or iron. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference between the two because they are so strong and durable. However, there are
What is the structural difference between graphite and diamond?
Graphite and diamonds are both carbon-based allotropes, and both use covalent bonds, but there are substantial differences between the two. Diamonds are hard and durable. They require quite a bit more work to break them down, as the bonds are stronge
Why are bulletproof vests made with silicon carbide?
Bulletproof vests are an essential piece of equipment for military and law enforcement. When it comes to protection, ensuring that the best and highest quality is given is critical. Of course, no one wants to carry around extra weight. It gets heavy,
What is a carbon footprint?
The short answer to this is the amount of gasses or carbon that is emitted by items and things. Humans, plants, vehicles, and more all leave a carbon footprint. This gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) is mostly related to human activity.   As the cons