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Camping Questions and Answers

  • What would you do at a party?

  • Which name do you like the best?

  • What is your favourite color?

  • A returning Lower Camper in your group tells another camper who is new that he cheated in gaga.  You would:

  • Your Senior Camper does not check after an elective period again.  You would:

  • Your Lower Camper refuses to eat lunch.  You would:

  • What items are included in the Welcome Stations?

  • When campers arrive staff should

  • Which programs can campers sign in/out themselves without a parent?

  • What started the widespread camping craze of the early 1900s?

  • What happened in the 1920s to make people miss the outdoors?

  • What was the name given to the first group of organized campers?