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Located on the Indochina Peninsula of South East Asia, Cambodia is a country which is seeing increased levels of tourism. Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia is also the political and cultural centre of the country. The mainly Buddhist country is home to 14.8 million people, and is currently run by the Cambodian People’s Party – but do you know the name of the prime minister that has run Cambodia for over 25 years?
He’s the longest serving non-royal leader in South East Asia. If you think you know, then you should take these quizzes right now and see just how much general knowledge you have about Cambodia. What is the name of the World Heritage Site monumental temple? Do you know how Cambodia was affected by neighbouring Vietnam in the Vietnam War? Take these quizzes to learn more.
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There are 7 questions about Cambodian culture,famous tourist spots,tradition,religion Cambodian People.Most of the answers are around Cambodian booth,so you should look around the booth in order to get all correct answers.There...

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    What is the capital city of Cambodia?

General knowledge about Cambodia.

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    1. ________ are the best-selling 4-wheel vehicles in Cambodia.

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    What religion do most Cambodian's follow?

5 pictorial MCQs3 medium level MCQs2 difficult level MCQs

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    In Khmer (Cambodian Language) alphabets system, how many Consonants are there?

Have you read everything on my Glog?

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    How do you say younger  in kmher (cambodia)