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Breathing is the process by which air moves in and out of the lungs. The movement of oxygen through other breathing organs such as gill is also referred to as breathing. Breathing is also called ventilation for organisms with lungs. It is one part of physiological respiration which is necessary to sustain life.

Mammals, reptiles and bird, all require oxygen to release energy through respiration in their cells in the form of the metabolism of molecules such as glucose. Breathing is one of the processes that deliver oxygen to places where it is required in the body. Can you name another process that aids in movement of oxygen in the body? Why does a person continue to breathe even when he is asleep? Find out more such questions and their answers with our quizzes.
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 The purpose of this ection is to gain knowledge of the way we breath and hoe gases are  processed in the human body

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    As the diaphragm relaxes, inhalation occurs.

The airway clearance techniques are procedures performed to ease the lung and eject mucus (usually thick) from it. This quiz will examine your understanding of this procedure.

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    The following are methods used in this procedure except 

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    A 55 year old attorney crashes his bicycle during a spirited sprint for the city limits sign.  He fractures his right clavicle in the fall.  Four days later, while in his clavicle strap and an arm sling, he notes that his right hand is extremely swollen, which he thinks is probably normal.  The next day he suddenly becomes very short of breath and has his wife take him to the Emergency Department. While performing your respiratory examination, which of the following are you most likely to find?

Take this quiz to help you figure out if you have bad breath.

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    Lick the inner surface of your wrist. Wait a few seconds and sniff the licked area. Is there a bad/iffy odour?

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    What is inhalation?

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Breathing Questions & Answers

What should you do after the baby has crowned during delivery?
You can already guess that D is not the proper answer to this question. So you can choose from A, B, and C. The best answer to this is B. The doctor has to check for a prolapsed cord so that this can be fixed easily before the rest of your baby comes
How long could 02 be delivered from this cylinder at a rate of 2L/min? The pressure gauge on a size E compressed-gas cylinder containing 02 reads 1600 psi.
1. 250 minutes-us manufacturers require that all compressed-gas cylinders containing o2 for medical use be painted green. a compressed-gas cylinder completely filled with o2 has a pressure of approximately 2000psi and contains approximately 625l of g
What would you expect the pulmonary vascular resistance to be? If a 57 year old woman is referred to you for dyspnea on exertion for 6 weeks.  She has a history of asthma as a child, but had not...
1. normal or slightly elevated-change in pressure = flow x resistance or resistance = pressure/flow. normal pa pressure typically 16/8 with mean approx 12 mmhg. normal pa occlusion pressure about 6mmhg. normal co about 5 l/min. therefore pcr = 12
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