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Do you know which twenty one years old singer and songwriter from Boca Raton, Florida, was awarded 'Breakthrough Artist of the Year' in 2014? Whose debut album was certified double platinum by the RIAA? If you guessed the talented Ariana Grande, then you are correct! This North Broward Preparatory School graduate made her acting debut in 2008 and has gone on to fame and fortune since! Fancy yourself an Ariana Grande expert? Take our quizzes on the lady herself and prove it!

You’ll be challenged to answer questions such as: In what role did Ariana make her acting debut? Which character has she brought to life in not one but two films? What number on the Billboard Hot 100 list did her hit song “The Way” reach? Prove you can hit all the high notes with our Ariana Grande quizzes; don’t find yourself coming up flat.  

Think you know Ariana Grande>? Put your knowledge to test, see if you are the best and 1# fan of Ariana. ALL IN UNDER 3 MINS.! 10 QUESTIONS SOME EASY, MEDIUM, HARD AND EXTREMELY HARD! IS IT POSSIBLE?! Find out now!...

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    Basic: What is Ariana Grande's favourite colour? 

She was in the Broadway musical 13 , sings, and plays Cat Valentine on Victorious. How much do you know about ARIANA GRANDE?

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    What is Ariana's full name?

We all know or have heard of the lovely and talented Ariana Grande - a girl next door look with huge eyes, curly brown hair and charming dimples. But have you ever looked past that and wanted to know the key items she dresses in,...

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    What is your favorite clothing store?

This quiz is meant for hard-core, bibble-lovin, arianators!!! :D I love you Ari(:

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    What is Ariana's zodiac sign?

Which Song Of Ariana Grande Reflects Your Personality? Many people have been heard calling Ariana Grande the next Mariah due to how similar their voices sound. Is she one of your favorite singers? The quiz below is for those of...

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    Which of these colors is your favorite?

Ariana Grande Questions & Answers

What is Ariana's full name?
Ariana grande doesn't have a middle name and her full name is Ariana Grande - Butera
Did Ariana Grande ever get plastic surgery?
There are a lot of people who consider themselves to be fans of Ariana Grande. There are people who do not care if she actually had plastic surgery although there are people who will defend her and say that she never actually had surgery. She lost a
What is Ariana Grande's favourite colour? 
Hi Ariana Grande i love you and can I meet you after your tour? Can you write me a letter but don't have Facebook, twitter or email so I like written letter by you my address is 8 Draycott 04-05 Singapore 259404! Have a good day from your fan Thea