Fill In The Blanks Of Ariana Grande Songs

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Fill In The Blanks Of Ariana Grande Songs - Quiz

The tile explains it all! (I guess)

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    First one:Head in the clouds got no weight on my...

    The correct answer is "Shoulders, Shoulder." This is because the phrase "Head in the clouds" is an idiom that means someone is daydreaming or not paying attention to reality. The phrase is commonly followed by the phrase "feet on the ground," which means being practical and realistic. In this case, the idiom is completed by saying "got no weight on my shoulders," indicating that the person does not have any burdens or responsibilities weighing them down. The correct answer includes both "shoulders" and "shoulder" as they are both grammatically correct and convey the same meaning in the context of the idiom.

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    Second one:Baby I got love for thee so deep inside of me I don't where to...

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    Third one:When we were on Honeymoon....

  • 4. 

    This is the part when I....

  • 5. 

    Let me see you put your.... 

    This phrase is often used as an encouragement or challenge to someone to show their enthusiasm, passion, or support for something. It implies that the person should demonstrate their dedication or commitment by putting their heart into it and showing their emotions or energy.

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  • 6. 

    Just as long as I'm the name of your tattooed.... 

    The word "Heart" completes the sentence and makes it grammatically correct. It suggests that the speaker wants to be the most important or significant person in the listener's life, symbolizing the depth of their love or connection. The word "Heart" also fits the context of the sentence, as tattoos are often associated with personal and meaningful expressions.

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