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Come and get it. Named after the famous tejano singer, Selena Gomez is more than just the girl who dated a Jonas Brother and the ex-girlfriend who made Justin Bieber cry. The actress and pop starlet got her start on “Barney and Friends” in 2002, and from there her career took off. Wondering how well you know Selena? Come with us as we check up on her band, Selena Gomez and the Scene, make a cameo in the Muppets movie and run away from an angry PETA mob.

In what picture did Selena make her film debut? On which magazine did she appear on the cover, causing a stir because of her sexiness? Where did she grow up? How much do you really know about the “Come and Get It” singer? If you think you’re an expert, give our trivia a try to find out! Are you a Selena genius? We won't kiss and tell.

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