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  • Who is Selenas best friend
    Who is Selenas best friend
    TAYLOR SWIIFTTAYLENA ( till the last year taylor was her .. i dont know about now )

  • What is Justin Biebers middle name?
    What is Justin Biebers middle name?
    What the hell dAvE ?! It's dREW YOU IDIOT!!!!!

  • Why do you like Selena Gomez?
    Why do you like Selena Gomez?
    It's a personal reaction, of course, but I admit I favour the looks of those with dark brown eyes. In Gomez's case, they are very dark and as with many real beauties, her features are symmetrical, so for starters, she's very easy on the eye. Secondly I have sympathy for anyone who has suffered something as serious as a kidney transplant.   The emotional issues are just so common amongst celebrities. It's something that should be flagged up as a huge risk when a young person takes their very first step towards stardom. But I guess, with the excitement, few would listen! Selena Gomez is clearly taking steps now to overcome her emotional difficulties, which takes courage. She is apparently receiving Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, a challenging therapy usually reserved for the most difficult-to-treat counselling clients such as those with personality disorders.

  • When did Selena Gomez become famous?
    When did Selena Gomez become famous?
    Selena Gomez will have been well known by children who watched her early roles on TV. They grew up as she did and therefore her popularity as a singer was tremendously aided. She had bit parts as an actress alongside her singing career but her fame took off in 2007 when she played Alex in 'Wizards of Waverly Place' This series had tremendous success and helped her establish herself as singer, actress as well as presenter of programmes.   She has wonderful looks, so is the kind of person to draw enormous followers on social media. all of this greatly helps fame. Now she has had illnesses, so thee will be further interest in that, and in any publicity she initiates about her recovery.

  • Who is the current boyfriend of Selena Gomez?
    Who is the current boyfriend of Selena Gomez?
    There is not adequate or precise information on who Selena Gomez is dating currently. But in the past, Selena has dating some stars in the entertainment industry.   In December 2010, Selena began dating Justin Bieber. After separating in November 2012, they reconciled a few weeks later before splitting up again in January 2013. Late in 2017, it was reported that they had gotten back together again. However, they broke up again in March 2018. It was reported that Selena started dating The Weekend in January 2017 and they moved in together temporarily in September 2017 in Greenwich Village, New York . They broke up in October 2017. For now, it is hard to tell if Selena Gomez is has gotten into another relationship.

  • What is the nickname of Selena Gomez?
    What is the nickname of Selena Gomez?
    It may be that Selena Gomez doesn't much like having any nickname for Selena Marie Gomez is her proper birth name. This has been shortened to Sell and Selly at times, as you might expect. She was named after the late singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez.   However, apparently a past date, Nick Jonas, nicknamed Selena 'Conchita' It doesn't seem to be a nickname that has stuck, otherwise you wouldn't be needing to ask this question! I dare say it was a reference to her parentage. Selena's father is Mexican and her mother is part or fully Italian. Hence her very dark eyes and lustrous looks.

  • What charity work has been done by Selena Gomez?
    What charity work has been done by Selena Gomez?
    Selena does a lot of charity work as she loves to help people. She has worked with many organizations in order to reach out to people and animals in need.   In 2008, she participated in St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital “Run for Life” benefit. She later became UNICEF’s spokesperson for the Trick – or – Treat for UNICEF campaign. She was involved in the UR Votes count campaign in 2008 which encouraged kids to learn about the 2008 presidential candidates. Selena was with Charity Island Dog, which helped dogs in Puerto Rico. She later became an ambassador of DoSomething Dot org. She was involved in “Disney Friends for Change”, which is an organization that helps promote environmentally friendly behaviour. Selena has worked with Make a Wish Foundation, which grants the wish of children diagnosed with a life threatening condition. She also supports Alliance for Children’s Right which protect the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected children. She has worked with “A Day Made Better”, which awards teachers and over $1000 each and school supplies annually. She works with Ryan Seacrest Foundation, an organization that works to improve the quality of life for seriously ill and injured children.

  • Is Selena Gomez an overrated actress?
    Is Selena Gomez an overrated actress?
    I wouldn't know this. My own ideas of quality acting in females are standards established by 'greats' such as Helen Mirren, Olivia Colman, Meryl Streep. These standards are difficult to reach if the parts given an actress are of mediocre quality themselves.   The key may be in the fact that those who watch serious theatre and film have hardly heard of Selena Gomez. She has not had a serious role to play in either theatre or film and her TV has been 'entertainment' rather than drama. She has spent a large part of her career in singing, and the pop world will know her far better than the world of drama. ' Actress' may just mean speaking parts as well as singing or presenting. Daughter of a stage actress, she became interested in acting early and had child roles before appearing in popular TV series that made her name.

  • Is Selena Gomez the prettiest girl in the world?
    Is Selena Gomez the prettiest girl in the world?
    I cant answer that and neither can anyone else, truthfully. This is because to answer it fairly all the pretty girls worldwide would need to line up. Many very pretty girls will never have sought fame so will not have been seen.   Even if they could be added to the line and be judged by a panel. then that panel would disagree about their favourites, some preferring redheads, some brunettes. It's wisely said that Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. If Selena Gomez's lovely looks with her symmetrical features and beautiful dark eyes IS the prettiest in the world, does that bring you any nearer her if you're a bloke, or make you look any nearer like her if you're female? Find the beauty in the people important to you, for that's what makes the world turn round. Sadly, as Selena Gomez has proved, being a beauty does not bring happiness or personal security or good health.

  • Is Selena Gomez the second most followed user on Instagram?
    Is Selena Gomez the second most followed user on Instagram?
    Selena Gomez is the second most followed user on Instagram She has an amazing 144 followers plus. Cristiano Ronaldo has just a couple of hundred more. So what is it about Selena that makes everyone want to follow her? Selena did have the very most followers until Cristiano came on the scente. Selena's fans have not wavered though. They are still sold on the pop singing star who stole their hearts. She is beloved for returning the love and is very devoted to her fans and to charity organizations as well. The iconic singer took a short break from Instagram not so long ago. Although some speculated that it was over the fact Cristiano had inched in front of her in follows, such was not the case. Selena explained that she doesn't have Instagram on her phone so he doesn't post all the time when she's out and about. She had simply been busy.

  • Which songs of Selena Gomez you like the most?
    Which songs of Selena Gomez you like the most?
    My favorite song of Selena Gomez is "Come and Get It". It was on her very first recorded album and I love it. There are other ones I like a lot too but not as much as this piece of gold. It was released in 2013 and I have probably listened to it a million times. One of the other songs I like that Selena Gomez sings is "Good for You" which was off her second album. The song is wonderful but still, my heart is all about "Come and Get It". But, with her, you can't go wrong no matter which one you pick. Selena Gomez is amazing. I love all of her songs and think she could sing anything and it would sound fabulous. There's really no good way to pick a favorite when someone is such a superstar but, I'll stikc to my guns with "Come and Get It".

  • How and when did Selena Gomez begin her career?
    How and when did Selena Gomez begin her career?
    Selena Gomez was born in the Dallas suburb of Grand Prarie, Texas. She wasted no time presenting her talent to the world when she played in "Barney and Friends" and "Hannah Montana". Then, by 2009, she had released a pop album entitled "Kiss and Tell". That was the beginning and there seems to be no end in sight. She has released one album after another and has a huge fan following. She is the second most followed person on Instagram which is amazing. She is also a philanthropist, giving unselfishly to many. Selena wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had to work hard to get to where she is today. That is another thing her fans love about her. She is good hearted and talented which are two rare things to find in one adorably cute package.

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