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Here are some amazing questions on the super singer Aretha Franklin!

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    Which of the following was a hit single by Aretha Franklin in 1971?

Determine what you know about Aretha Franklin.

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    What decade is the hit single "Baby I Love You" by Aretha Franklin from?

Aretha Franklin is a talented lady who began her musical career at a distinctive young age. It all started in her church, New Bethel Baptist Church, where her father was a minister. How much do you know about Aretha? Try this...

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    Who is Aretha Franklin?

Aretha's friends were not the only set of people who had her back during the years of her career. She had relatives including her two sisters and her brother who had supported her on her way towards the success of her career....

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    What rank does Aretha sit on the list of the highest number of Grammys wọn by a woman?

Within her active years, Aretha had other occupations aside songwriting and singing. She had worked as an actress and an activist. Although she was used to singing pop, soul, gospel, and even dance music, she still retained time...

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    What is the name of Aretha's first record label? 

Aretha Franklin Questions & Answers

What is the death cause of famous singer Aretha Franklin?
The cause of death of Aretha Franklin is Pancreatic Cancer. It was revealed that this was battled by the singer for quite some time since her retirement. Franklin is known as “The Queen of Soul.” She has managed to produce a lot of hit so
Why is Aretha Franklin called the queen of soul?
The fact that she is called “Queen of Soul” is something that Aretha Franklin will leave in this world. There is no one like her and no one can sing the way that she does. It was in the year 1967 and her album titled, “I Never Loved
What songs of Aretha Franklin do you like the most?
Aretha Franklin has a lot of awesome songs but I have to say that there are some that I consider as my personal favorites. I love “I Say A Little Prayer.” This song is so good that it has been revived so many times. You know what they say
When did the last performance of Aretha Franklin happen? Also, how wast the public reaction?
If there is one thing that Aretha wanted to do, it was to perform. It is not a surprise that she wanted to perform even before her death but alas, it was not meant to be. Her last public performance was in the year 2017. It was for the 25th anniversa