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  • What is the death cause of famous singer Aretha Franklin?
    What is the death cause of famous singer Aretha Franklin?
    The cause of death of Aretha Franklin is Pancreatic Cancer. It was revealed that this was battled by the singer for quite some time since her retirement. Franklin is known as “The Queen of Soul.” She has managed to produce a lot of hit songs that are still known by people of today. Prior to her death, she was sent to hospice care and her family was informed that she would pass any day because of her condition. Her cancer was already in its advanced stages and there was nothing that could be done anymore. Franklin showed that she was passionate about singing and she was highly recognized for it. She is truly one of the most accomplished singers of her time.

  • Why is Aretha Franklin called the queen of soul?
    Why is Aretha Franklin called the queen of soul?
    The fact that she is called “Queen of Soul” is something that Aretha Franklin will leave in this world. There is no one like her and no one can sing the way that she does. It was in the year 1967 and her album titled, “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You” became a hit. This album is considered by a lot of fans as her best work. Once when Franklin was done performing for an event, The Blues Man placed a crown on her head and nicknamed her “The Queen of Soul.” The title stuck and it is obvious that it fits her well.

  • What songs of Aretha Franklin do you like the most?
    What songs of Aretha Franklin do you like the most?
    Aretha Franklin has a lot of awesome songs but I have to say that there are some that I consider as my personal favorites. I love “I Say A Little Prayer.” This song is so good that it has been revived so many times. You know what they say though, there is nothing quite like the original. This is still one of the best ones that you can find. Another favorite of mine is “Until You Come Back to Me.” Some say that this is such a desperate song as it means that the person is going to stop his/her life just to wait for the person to come back but I just love the melody and Aretha’s voice. There is just so much soul that I can feel every word. Another song by Aretha that I like is the Chain of Fools. It is one of the songs that I always love to play. There are still a lot of wonderful songs by Aretha that should not be forgotten.

  • When did the last performance of Aretha Franklin happen? Also, how wast the public reaction?
    When did the last performance of Aretha Franklin happen? Also, how wast the public reaction?
    If there is one thing that Aretha wanted to do, it was to perform. It is not a surprise that she wanted to perform even before her death but alas, it was not meant to be. Her last public performance was in the year 2017. It was for the 25th anniversary of Elton John’s AIDS foundation. Even at her last public performance, she was able to show why exactly she is called the “Queen of Soul.” People were able to feel the emotions of the song. It cannot be denied that no one can sing it like she does. Her performance was enough to make Elton John tear up. Even those who were watching had a tear or two because of her performance.

  • What were the hit songs of Aretha Franklin?
    What were the hit songs of Aretha Franklin?
    Aretha Franklin is known to have sung a lot of songs that people just love to sing. From her first song Respect that immediately became a hit, she has managed to make a lot of songs her fans’ favorites for a certain period of time. Some of her other hit songs are Until You Come Back to Me, I Say a Little Prayer, Chain of Fools, Natural Woman, and so much more. A lot of her songs have played in people’s music players and most of them have been downloaded digitally so that they can be enjoyed whenever people would like to listen to her soulful voice.

  • Why do the citizens of america love Aretha Franklin?
    Why do the citizens of america love Aretha Franklin?
    A lot of people are saying that the main reason why America loved Aretha Franklin is she became their voice. She had a voice that was able to go from one place to another. People would only need to hear a few of her songs and immediately become fans of her and her craft. Franklin was able to influence a lot of singers of today because they grew up listening to her music. She has a range that not everyone has. It also helps that her songs are usually powerful. They speak about certain messages that people may not talk about freely at this point. She has always tried to improve social justice and equality. With a voice like hers, some people did listen.

  • What charity work did Aretha Franklin do?
    What charity work did Aretha Franklin do?
    There are a lot of charities that Aretha used to support when she was still alive. She actively supported 11 charities and was able to help a lot of people in the process. Due to her support of these groups, she has also influenced other singers to follow her lead and become active supporters of her chosen charities and so much more. She has managed to show singers that it is okay to give back. She did this when she was alive out of the goodness of her heart. She is always known to fight for the rights of women and for equality. She truly had the gift of making people listen to her not only when she sings but also when she speaks. It is not only the legacy of music that she left behind, she left behind so much more that is also vital to this world.

  • How much is the net worth of Aretha Franklin?
    How much is the net worth of Aretha Franklin?
    At the time of her death, Aretha Franklin is said to have a net worth of $80 million. There is just one problem - she does not have a will. This means that it will be up to the state to decide how the properties and other assets will be distributed to the remaining members of the family. Normally, for those who are still married, their partner will get majority of the money but for those who are not married, it will be distributed to the other family members. It can be trickier when they are unable to find a person to pass on the other assets too. There are certain laws that are being followed. There are times when there are differences depending on the state.

  • How did Aretha Franklin's fans say goodbye to her?
    How did Aretha Franklin's fans say goodbye to her?
    The fans went to The Greater Grace Temple. This is located in Detroit and they paid their respect there to the late singer. The whole funeral process was actually very long. It lasted for about 7 hours and it was very emotional for a lot of people. There were a lot of singing, there were words that were said about Franklin, and so much more. They made sure that they will be doing a lot of dance moves too even though the fans were in tears. They feel that they have lost one of the greatest singers of their time and this is probably accurate. Some fans were just happy to catch a glimpse of her inside her gold coffin.

  • Was Aretha Franklin a good singer?
    Was Aretha Franklin a good singer?
    Aretha Franklin is actually known as one of the greatest singers of all time and there are some people who are not sure why. You may need to listen to more than three songs to fully understand and appreciate the quality of her voice. She does not sound like anyone you have ever heard before. This alone makes her unique. There are only a few singers who have distinct voices. This means that the moment you hear them sing, you know who you are listening to no matter what the song is. This is exactly what Aretha can do. She has a distinct voice and that alone is enough to make her a good singer. Then again, she has hit all the required notes in a very soulful manner.

  • How was the eductaion background of Aretha Frankiln?
    How was the eductaion background of Aretha Frankiln?
    Aretha Franklin went to a public school in Detroit during her grade school years. She also attended Northern Senior High School during her freshman year. She decided to drop out when she was a sophomore. Soon after that, she was discovered for her obvious talent in singing. She started recording songs when she was 18. She has a type of voice that will allow you to know what she is singing about. If the song is supposed to be sad, she would allow you to feel the emotions quite clearly. If she is singing a love song, then you will feel the love. Her education may have helped her in basic things but it was evident that she was destined for great things because of her talent.

  • How did Aretha Franklin influence others?
    How did Aretha Franklin influence others?
    There are a lot of singers who say that Aretha Franklin has to be one of their greatest influences. There is just something about her that draws you in. Some singers say that they were influenced to do their best not because they want to be her but because they want to do what she does. Whitney Houston even said that when she was younger, she practiced singing Aretha’s songs. She pretended that she would be singing in front of a packed audience. It is evident that there are a lot of singers who felt empowered because of Aretha. She is one of those singers that have this effect on people.

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