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  • Does beyonce have kids?
    Does beyonce have kids?

  • Why is Beyonce called the queen by the people?
    Why is Beyonce called the queen by the people?
    If you follow Beyoncé news or even just scroll through social media, you will see that she is often referred to as a queen. Now, of course she is not actually royalty in any way but why do her fans called her that? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Her fans often look up and admire Beyoncé almost as if she were royalty so she quickly earned the nickname. I would say that the fans of Beyoncé are one of the biggest, and perhaps most aggressive, of all of the music celebs. I think the nickname also caught on for queen Bey sounding like “queen bee” which is the female leader in a hive. So this makes sense that her fans would see her as a leader and a role model.

  • What are the biggest hits of Beyonce?
    What are the biggest hits of Beyonce?
    Beyoncé has had several songs become huge successes throughout her singing career. Many of her songs have been in the top 10 on the charts and some have even been at the number one spot. Before Beyoncé was Beyoncé, she was actually part of an all girl group in the late 90s called Destiny’s Child. During her time in this group, they released the song called Bootylicious which hit the number one spot and held it for 2 weeks! Another hit from Destiny’s Child held the number one spot for three weeks called Say My Name. In her solo career she’s also had hits like Bills, Bills, Bills which held the top spot for one week.

  • What is the favorite soprt of Beyonce's?
    What is the favorite soprt of Beyonce's?
    Flag football.

  • What is the actual worth of Beyonce?
    What is the actual worth of Beyonce?
    Beyonce is worth $355 million as of 2018. This seems like a lot (and it is) but there are actually many other artists who are worth a lot more than she is, including her husband Jay-Z who is worth over $800 million. Like every other famous celebrity, she spends a lot of her money on expensive perks like houses, cars, and private jets.   However, she also gives back and donates money to several different organizations and charities. One is called BeyGOOD which provides financial support and scholarships to children in need. She also donates money to the homeless and to help women and children.

  • What qualities made Beyonce so successful?
    What qualities made Beyonce so successful?
    One important quality that made Beyonce such a success is her work ethic. You can never just accidentally fall into fame or into a life that Beyonce has. Being talented will only get you so far if you are not willing to put in the work to get where you want to be.   Even as glamorous as being a huge star may be, there are a lot of bad days and negative things about it too. If you are not highly driven then you will always fizzle out before you can reach a status like Beyonce.   That being said, being insanely talented is also helpful in achieving success. Beyonce began as part of the all girl group Destiny's Child and eventually branched out into her solo career where she skyrocketed.

  • Is it really true that Beyonce is the sixth most followed user on Instagram?
    Is it really true that Beyonce is the sixth most followed user on Instagram?
    No, that is not true anymore. As of December 2018, Beyonce is listed as the 8th most followed account on Instagram. The other accounts which have higher follower counts include Cristiano Ronaldo with 149 million, Selena Gomez with 144 million, Ariana Grande with 141 million, Dwayne "the rock" Johnson with 126 million, Kim Kardashian with 123 million, Kylie Jenner with 122.7 million, and Instagram itself with 272 million (which is the number one most followed account). Beyonce has 122 million, just 700,000 followers shy of being in 7th place over Kylie Jenner. This is pretty good if you consider that she has not released any hit songs in a little while.

  • How is Beyonce as a person?
    How is Beyonce as a person?
    Often times famous people can lose their heads or act in a negative way towards fans and other people once they have achieved star status. That does not seem to be the case for Beyoncé. Almost everyone online who have shared their stories about meeting her have all been not only positive but great. It seems like it doesn’t matter whether she’s at a meet and greet, being approached at an airport, or working on a new music or on set, she always leaves people feeling warm and even more affectionate towards her. She seems to genuinely care about people and want to hear their stories and experiences. She makes time for her fans and does her best not to have to rush when meeting them or signing an autograph.

  • Is it genuinely true that Beyonce's voice is average?
    Is it genuinely true that Beyonce's voice is average?
    I think that really depends on who you ask and their level of vocal experience. Many people would strongly disagree with the statement that Beyoncé is just an average singer. She began singing when she was very young in a Montessori school.   She had first signed up for dance classes but her teacher was listening to her hum a song and noticed that she could hit very impressive high notes and sounded very pretty. From there she was in several different choirs in church and in her schools. Vocal effects can make fairly average singers sound pretty good but you can not take someone who can not sing and expect auto tune to make them not only sound great but great enough to be a huge pop star.

  • Is there any flop songs of Beyonce?
    Is there any flop songs of Beyonce?
    Of course Beyonce has songs that have flopped, every artist does. Even incredibly talented and legendary artists like Queen have songs that flopped. When you look at the number of songs Beyonce has released, it is not surprising that a lot of her songs did not do as well as she and her producers thought they would.   This happens for many reasons which may or may not even include the talent of the singer. It may have just been a different sound that did not translate well to fans or it could have been that another artist was also releasing music which just eclipsed it. Some examples of flop songs are 7/11, Video Phone, and Kitty Cat.

  • How did Beyonce become the top Female Artist of the 2000s decade?
    How did Beyonce become the top Female Artist of the 2000s decade?
    To fully answer this question we need to look back at where she came from and how she achieved that title. Beyonce first began singing as a very young child in a Montessori school. She was noticed by her dance instructor when she was humming along to a song and could hit high notes flawlessly.   When she was 8 years old she became part of the girl band which would eventually be named Destiny's Child. The group released several hit songs and became an iconic group of the 2000s. Beyonce began her solo career in 2003 when she broke away from the group. After so many hits and her continuing success in her solo career, it makes sense that she would earn this title.

  • How many awards have won by Beyonce till now?
    How many awards have won by Beyonce till now?
    Beyonce is only in her early 30s and has already broke records with the number of awards she has earned in the music industry. She is actually the top female artist with the most nominations for a Grammy, and even the second most Grammy award winning female artist of all time.   She has won many more awards than just Grammy's though. She has earned 25 music awards for MTV, which is the most that any artist has ever won. She also is at the top of the BET and Soul Train award lists as well. Even going beyond her music career, Beyonce was also nominated for both Emmy's and Golden Globe awards for the part she played in Dreamgirls.

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