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If you look closely, the angles are everywhere! Can you name the different types of angles? Check out our online angle quizzes to put your knowledge to the test and learn more as you play.
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Use your knowledge of complementary and supplementary angles to answer the questions. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT THE DEGREE SYMBOL AS PART OF YOUR ANSWER.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT PRESS THE SPACEBAR BEFORE ENTERING YOUR ANSWER...

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Whether you’re studying maths in school or college or you use it in your line of work, angles are such a pivotal subsection of geometry and is a skill people should strive to know regardless of their situation. How much...

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    The figure formed by two angles and an endpoint is an

Sum of exterior angles = 360sum of interior angles = (n-2)180where n = no. of sides  please login using your class index nameeg: 1o301lester

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    A k-sided polygon has 3 interior angles measuring 145, 157 and 178 degrees; and the remaining angles measure 150 degrees each. Find the value of k. 

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    Identify the angle relationship between the two angles shown.


Angle Questions & Answers

What is the measure of angle DAE?
The angle of the various points is letter A. When you look at the illustration, and you can already see a clue of what the possible angle is going to be. The edge on the other side measures 52 Degrees. It only follows that a different perspective w
What is the another name for supplementary angles?
Angle on a straight line is 180 so with supplementary angle
What is the difference between Angel and Angle?
These two words are easy to confuse because they include the same letters and are almost identical in spelling. Both words are nouns, but the angle can also be a verb. When the word angel is used, it is about a celestial being. A common phrase incl
What is the difference between Fisheye and Wide Angle?
In photography, there are different features and selections that a photographer must use when taking pictures. One of those decisions that they must make is whether to use a fisheye or wide-angle lens. One difference between the fisheye and the wide-
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