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An angle is formed by two lines, called the sides of the angle, sharing a common endpoint, called the vertex. Can you name the different types of angles? There are acute, right angle, and obtuse angles. Angles often come in various degrees. For example, a right angle forms a perfect L shape and is 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is any angle over 90 degrees, while an acute angle is any angle under 90 degrees.
Can you think of some famous angles of the world? Street intersections, scissors, buildings, and just about any two objects meeting form some type of angle. If you look closely, angles are everywhere! Angles may be a basic fundamental of geometry and trigonometry, but are you good enough to pass our angle quizzes? We’ll warn you now – they aren’t as easy as you might think!

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  • Angles 3 and 4 are __________________.

  • If the angle shown in pink is labled 45 degrees, what is the measurement of angle 1?

  • Angles 1 and 2 are ___________ angles.

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  • When bisecting a line segment, place the stylus on one point of the segment and set the compass width to less than half the distance of the segment.

  • When bisecting an angle, what is the next step after drawing an arc across both legs of the angle?

  • The image below is of the process of bisecting an angle. What would be the next step?