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There are three sides to this quiz and we’re sure that you’ll have them all covered if you really know your stuff. Make sure you have every angle covered and you’re bound to be a great success. Do you know the difference between an equilateral triangle and a scalene triangle? What is an isosceles triangle? What is a 2-Simplex? Do you know how to calculate the square of the hypotenuse?

If you can tell us the answers to those kind of questions then you’re heading for success rather than the Bermuda Triangle. All those questions about Isosceles triangles won’t sound all Greek to you and you’ll be aiming to finish right at the top of the class. So get the right angles in this quiz and you’ll be able to boast that when it comes to knowing the difference between acute and obtuse triangles then there’s no beating you.
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Quiz on the types of triangles.

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    This type of triangle has one 90 degree angle.

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    Which of the following triangles are always similar?

Take this test to see how much you know about triangles. (recommended for elementary school students)

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    If you add up the degrees of each angle on a triangle, what is the sum?

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           A muscular patient who regularly lifts weights presents with pain and weakness in his right upper limb that has been slowly developing over time. His limb is cool and there is an obvious vascular insufficiency in his upper extremity. Subsequent tests show that a large vessel passing between the anterior and middle scalene muscles is being occluded by hypertrophy (enlargement) of the muscles due to the excercise. The artery involved is the: axillary brachial brachiocephalic subclavian suprascapular

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Triangle Questions & Answers

What quadrilateral is ABCD if its diagonal AC divides it into two parts which are equal in area?
It is a parallelogram and in parallelogram it can be a rectangle or rhombus as it is also a parallelogram.
How to find the perimeter of a triangle?
Follow these simple steps to find the perimeter of a triangle. • Know the formula: You must first of all know or remember the formula for finding the perimeter of a triangle. On case you did not know. The formula is represented by p=a+b+c; wher
What is the figure obtained when you join midpoint of adjacent sides of a rectangle of side 8 cm and 6 cm?
The figure, which is obtained after you join the midpoint of adjacent sides of a rectangle having the side length 8 cm and with 6 cm, is a rhombus of area 24 cm square. Hence, option D is the right option. The study of shapes is usually referred to a
What is the perimeter of this square?
The perimeter of this square is 20 centimeter. The perimeter of a two-dimensional shape is the aggregate separation around the shape, or the entirety of the length of its sides. By definition, a square is a four-sided shape with four straight sides
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