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Angles Quiz - Quiz

Questions and Answers
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    Write a short answer for each of the three following questions: 1. How did you find the online tutorials and quizzes? 2. Do you prefer doing online work rather than writing notes off the board? 3. What areas will you need to work on to improve?

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    How many degrees are there in a quarter turn?

    A quarter turn is equivalent to rotating an object by 90 degrees.

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    What is the angle (in degrees) of a?

    The angle a is 85 degrees.

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    What is the angle (in degrees) of b?

    The angle of b is 95 degrees.

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    Which letter is the alternate angle?

    The alternate angle to a given angle is the angle that is on the opposite side of the transversal line, but on the same side of the other line. In this case, the letter "C" and "c" are on opposite sides of the transversal line and on the same side of the other line. Therefore, both "C" and "c" can be considered as the alternate angle.

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    What is the value (in degrees) of the alternate angle?

    The value of the alternate angle is 149 degrees.

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    Calculate the value (in degrees) for angle d?

    The value of angle d is 30 degrees.

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    What is the value (in degrees) for angles b and c?

    The value of angles b and c is 150 degrees.

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