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What do you get when you take a word meaning "many" and another word meaning "side"? You get a two or three dimensional object that can be used to build anything from the answer in an exam, to a house! It's a polygon! What exactly is a polygon? Do you know, or is the answer "gon" from your mind?

With hexagons and pentagons, cubes and the theorectical monogon, your inner-geometricist will have a cube (as a ball isn't a polygon, you can't have one of those) with this quiz! Can you answer why a monogon is impossible? Why the triangle is the favorite shape to be used by architects? or what a nine-sided polygon is called? Yes? Then why are you standing on the side(s)? Prepare to leave your current dimension and join the revolution!
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    How many sides does a pentagon have?

Name each polygon.

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    A 3 sided polygon

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    A square is a rhombus.

Polygons are shapes with two or more sides. They are made from lines that are joined together at certain angles. For a regular polygon, there are at least two sides that fuse to form a vertex. Some polygons have equal, interior...

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    What is a polygon with five sides called? 

Students will take a quiz on Polygon Vocabulary. The quiz will be multiple choice.

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    A simple closed figure in a plan fromed with three or more line segments.

Polygon Questions & Answers

How many sides total does a heptagon and a decagon have together?
My answer to this question is A. The heptagon has seven sides and the decagon has 10 sides. Since the sides just have to be added together, that will be 7 + 10 = 17. There are a lot of people who like polygons because they are amazed by the number of
Is this polygon a regular polygon?
This is regular. All sides and angles are congruent. I don't understand. This quiz is very... bad. Spelling errors, this. Wow.
Is this polygon a regular polygon?
No cause I don't know please till me the answer