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A comprehensive database of more than 50 amusement park quizzes online, test your knowledge with amusement park quiz questions. Our online amusement park trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top amusement park quizzes.

It's a beautiful sunny day, and you've grown bored of the beach. Don't worry, because you can have more fun than you ever thought possible at the amusement park. Fast food, sweet drinks, and enough rides to keep a thrill seeker happy all day - you'll find all these and more at amusement parks across the land. Don't head for the park right now, because you can have just as much fun by taking our amusement park quizzes.

The Alton Towers amusement park can be found in which country? Do you know the name of Disney's first theme park? What is the biggest rollercoaster in the world? Where will you find Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park? Park yourself down for our quizzes, you're sure to find amusement when you get the questions right.

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