Amazon Quizzes & Trivia is a powerhouse. It’s as much of a landmark on the web as the great pyramids of Egypt. There are easily plenty of well-known facts about such a massive and well-known company, so you have to dig deep to really find the good stuff. That's the reason why we have these quizzes for you.

Think you know everything there is to know about retail behemoth that is Amazon? Prove it. How did Amazon get its name? What was the title of the first book Amazon ever sold? What are door desks and what do they have to do with Amazon? In the words of the brand design agency that developed Amazon’s logo, what does the logo say?

True or false: every Amazon employee spends two days every two years on the service desk—even the CEO. What is the highest price at which Amazon ever sold a CD—ROM? Still confident you have all the answers? Go for it and take these quizzes.
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    When delivering to an apartment complex and the customer is not home it is okay to deliver the shipment to the leasing office.

You will be presented with an overview of the culture and history of Amazon. Get ready for it, but first, let's test your existing knowledge.

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    Jeff Bezos established Amazon out of his garage in Portland, Oregon in 1994.


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    What year was started in?

In this amazing trivia quiz on Flicka (2006), we’ll be asking a whole host of questions regarding the family adventure film that sees teenager Katy McLaughlin attempting to win her horse back by entering a...

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    Which one of the following is not an Amazon Buisness Unit?


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