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Classes of airspace quiz, entry requirements, communications, etc

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    Which airspace is not controlled?

In this quiz you can you will be asked to answer several questions about Class B Airspace.

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    What is the maximim airspeed in the airspace underlying Class B Airspace?

Airspace Questions & Answers

What classes of airspace communications are required by VFR?
You can't be VFR in class A airspace. To enter Class A airspace you must be on an IFR flight plan
What happens if a plane flies in the airspace of Camp David?
Camp David is the presidential retreat home for U.S. Presidents. Its airspace is restricted to protect the president from aerial attacks on the house. It is fiercely guarded by U.S. air force. The airspace around Camp David is officially restricted a
What is the VFR weather minimum for visibility in Class C airspace?
Its 3SM. As per Sec. 91.155 — Basic VFR weather minimums.
What happens if a passenger aircraft goes into restricted airspace?
The only time an aircraft can fly pass a restricted area without encountering any problem is when the controlling agency has given the permission either directly or via ATC to fly within the region. But if a passenger aircraft passes through a restr