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  • The Smartride Discount is available in which states?  Check all that apply
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  • When should an OM hold be placed (or follow up set) if the last day to pay falls on a weekend/holiday?
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  • True or False: Customers renting motorhomes cannot elect to extend temporary coverage from their auto policy for Liability, Physical Damage, and Personal Effects losses.
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  • What information should a CSR include to simplify the CSU process when pending an after hours large loss claim?
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  • When pending an after hours large loss claim, where should the adjuster information and contact result be documented?
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  • The new recognition program that replaces the Top 40 will not only recognize associates monthly, but also:
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  • If an Employee has his friend drive him to destination, what do we reimburse?
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  • The Member is driving his tent trailer to destination, and stays in it along the way. He can claim the $50/night non-commercial accommodation allowance.
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  • Your Employee is moving 3500km from origin to destination, what do you think the Coordinator would claim to be the preferred method of travel?
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  • Wer ist unser The Network Partner in Österreich?

  • Welches Land wird nicht durch The Network abgedeckt?

  • Welcher The Network Partner publiziert die Inserate kostenlos?

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