2012 Quizzes & Trivia

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    What steps should be taken when you receive a call on a claim in JClaims that is assigned to a Claims Associate who is no longer with the company or there is no longer an assignment showing?

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    يقصد بالنظام مجموعة الاجزاء متبادلة العلاقة والتى بدمجها سويا  تكون شيئا متكاملا 

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    What is the phone number to transfer a Harleysville PH who needs to file a homeowner claim?

A brief quiz to review the material covered during the PartnerCast. Please provide your contact information as requested.

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    Which of the following statements is true regarding the last time buy notice issued on April 9, 2012, for the NEO Series tape libraries?

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    Case Study 1 (Use with questions 1 - 5)   Mrs. Smith is admitted to the SNF s/p L hip fracture.  She is being treated by PT 6 times per week, OT 5 times per week.  Her last MDS assessment was an RU.  She receives 60 min OT and 58 min PT treatment on Monday.  On Tuesday, she is put on hold for therapy treatment by her physician for a DVT.  She is not seen by any discipline on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  On Friday, her physician orders that therapy services continue.  She participates in therapy on Friday. For Mrs. Smith, which OMRA would we complete?