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What is the sequence called if the nth term of a sequence is 100n+10?
A is the answer to this question. AP is also known as Arithmetic Progression. This is a sequence of numbers wherein the difference will always be the same. This means that the in-between of the sequence will amount to the same number. For example, w
What will be Factor 6x2 + 17x + 12?
Numbers n,mtheir sum is 17their product is 612=72there for those two numbers are 8and 9then solve for equation given6x^2+17x+12=0is equivalent with 6x^2+9x+8x+12=03x(2x+3)+4(2x+3)which implies the factors are (2x+3)(3x+4)=0thankyou!
What is the quadratic polynomial whose sum and product of zeroes are -3 and 4 respectively?
The answer to this is + 3x +4. You need to know what the standard form of a quadratic polynomial is. If you are not familiar with a quadratic polynomial, this is a polynomial of degree 2 or a quadratic. The highest degree term in this polynomial is t