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  • What is Pewdiepie's secret to constant increase in subscribers?
    What is Pewdiepie's secret to constant increase in subscribers?
    PewdiePie commands an extraordinary army of subscribers which is constantly growing. Some may say that he had a secret to his success. However, most of the credit goes to his handwork. He puts out constant videos. He constantly produces and designs new content. He creates interesting content starring himself. On top of all of this he has a major one on one interaction with the audience through live streams as well as meetups. Therefore, he can tell his fans directly what he wants them to do and appreciates them, gathering the love and increasing his army. This is so awaited that fans wait for his screams of the games epithets, even if they are simple graphics.

  • What was the vision behind Youtube's partnership program?
    What was the vision behind Youtube's partnership program?
    <!--td {border: 1px solid ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->There were three founders in partnership who worked for Paypal - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. They started a dating site inviting women to upload videos of themselves. None did. Karim filmed himself at the zoo and then people used youtube to upload things that interested them, like their cats or their holidays. So the three let it happen, made it more open and decided to let the public upload videos of what they themselves wanted to see. It worked.

  • What caused the downfall of Keemstar?
    What caused the downfall of Keemstar?
    That's easy. Keemstar used an excessive amount of foul language, looked extremely unattractive while doing so and went on to target this language at minorities. He managed to encapsulate all the most vile racist rants in his videos. Those who followed him may have had their worst attitudes and behaviors unfortunately encouraged by a celebrity setting this pattern. It would be good to know the extent of this damage one stupid youtuber can cause. But not content with parading himself in ridiculous and racist rants, he decided to go after a pedophile, but the trouble was, after encouraging all his viewers to go after him too, Keemstar discovered that this poor man was no pedophile but just happened to share his name with the actual pedophile, who was still in prison. The video of apology was scarcely enough to redeem Keemstar in popularity. Let's hope his fall remains down - in the gutter where he belongs.

  • Why do terrible songs like Gucci Gang get 300 mil views?
    Why do terrible songs like Gucci Gang get 300 mil views?
    There's always interest in something that's really, really bad, so bad that you feel you must tell your friend and everyone about it. "You just have to see this to believe it" you say. Enough people feeling that way, and there's success in that shocker. If a performance contains an embarrassing incident, or a noteworthy negative comment from the audience, that boosts interest. Yes, there's enjoyment in witnessing the truly dreadful. However, you may be alone in your viewpoint about gucci gang's terrible song. They've got platinum. They appeal to thousands of fans. It's personal preference, and you hate their singing, but are you in the minority? It doesn't matter. Listen and watch another group and save yourself confusion and aggro.

  • Who are the founders of You Tube?
    Who are the founders of You Tube?
    YouTube, the vast video sharing platform of the modern era was founded in February 2005. Three people namely Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim originally founded it. They were colleagues at PayPal, an international payment platform. The entire site, stemmed from the idea of difficulty in sharing videos with each other. Part of the idea was to find videos easily as the founders tried to find the infamous Janet Jackson Nip slip in 2004 super bowl as well as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. The three minds set down to develop an easy video sharing platform for everyone to access. The platform was bought by google in November 2006.

  • Who are the Paul brothers?
    Who are the Paul brothers?
    Jake and Logan Paul are brothers from YouTube that rose to the heights of YouTube fame in a very short time. They both have a total of 28 million subscribers. The brothers initially started off from Vine, but then moved on to YouTube to show case their share of Drama. The widely popular Jake and Logan Paul controversy on YouTube had the entire world talking. They post content that revolve around drama, crazy stunts and funny videos. Targeting the young generation, the brothers have climbed the ladder of success, making their blogs and contents into a treasure worth about $11.5 million each! Raking in money from huge advertisers including HBO, the brothers continue to strive on all social media platforms.

  • What is Youtube's goal?
    What is Youtube's goal?
    YouTube’s goal is to get their videos to as many people as possible. They aim to get more and more YouTubers online, creating content, which they can then sell off, for revenues. There are many projects in line for the next 10 years in which they are working to optimize video buffering and getting the relevant content to the audience. They want viewers to log in and view the content even with the saddest connection. One they are hooked on, they want them to get back online again and again to continue watching content and boosting their revenue. For now, they are strengthening their billion-dollar advertisement platform and securing their buyers.

  • What makes a youtube video successful?
    What makes a youtube video successful?
    Essentially, the content quality of your video must be high or otherwise, even if viewers were attracted in the first place by whatever hook you used, they won't return. There must be something outstanding about your video in competition with the many thousands of others going up each day. You can improve the presentation of the video by ensuring you have a decent camera, preferably with 4G capability, and do your videoing in a properly lit environment. That said, you want your video to get to the point quickly, don't pad or beat around the bush, say (or sing) what you want to say straight out. You've only got about 3 minutes to capture the attention and make the viewer want to come to see you again. So keep it short and make every second count, visually and with the information you want to convey.

  • How did Felix Kjellberg become so famous?
    How did Felix Kjellberg become so famous?
    Short answer to how the Swedish comedien, Felix Kjellberg became so famous? Looks, personality, wit and unflappable cheek. He was serving hot dogs on a stall when he, a video games enthusiast like most of his peers, decided to do what he loved for a living instead, so he played the games online for everyone to watch. And they did. His crazy, ear-catching name filched from Disney, PewdiePie helps, but it's his humour, shrieked out alongside said games, that viewers - fans - find fascinating. He parodies well known stuff, such as famous epithets or quotations, and makes them funny enough for people to love...and buy his book. 40 million followers? Wow, that means a lifetime income in a year!

  • How much revenue does youtube earn on average?
    How much revenue does youtube earn on average?
    This information would only be accurately gained by a researcher setting out to measure earnings of a very large sample of video tubers. That sample would have to represent all countries, and a boy in his bedroom (there will be many such you tubers) as much as a corporate company in order to reach an accurate sample. to the best of my knowledge this hasn't been done. Google information does show that earnings are neglible until you hit 1 million views. Yes. Their $18 per 1000 views (after advertiser's take) will be a weekly income for some, modifying the really high earners.

  • Are Youtube's copyright policies abused by organisations and youtubers?
    Are Youtube's copyright policies abused by organisations and youtubers?
    I'm afraid they sometimes are. There have been numerous cases of content that has been copyright protected being taken up and fraudently passed off as owned by a completely separate entity. However, youtube has very recently revised their procedure for dealing with complaints over copyright infringements. You fill in a claim form and seek a take down notice by youtube. The individual or company complained against can make a counter claim. I guess it won't completely solve the problem but it's a start in the right direction. Better late than never, youtube.

  • Does You Tube fall under unsupervised learning?
    Does You Tube fall under unsupervised learning?
    Yes, YouTube does fall under unsupervised learning. This is because, it provides students with a broad variety of information on a specific topic. This information may or may not be listed in the syllabus. The student can then pick the relevant information and also broaden his knowledge with the other bits of data. This increases their understanding capacity and their knowledge about a specific topic. It also gives them an edge over other students who are following conventional books. YouTube learning can be likened to learning from different books. You are exposed to a variety of information that helps broaden your perspective.