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Who killed the radio star? Was it Pete? Bob? Joe? was video! OR so the old saying goes...but how much do you know about videos? Can you answer questions about the magnetic tape inside and how they record videos and sounds?

Can you tell what they replaced, and what they were replaced by? Do you know what the longest video tape you could get was? Or why people "re-wind" a dvd? Well, now is the time to show your actual inner age...are you old or young at heart? Do you know about the video...can you sing the song?

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    What is a composition?

Are you the blue Pon or the yellow Zi? Find out now.

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    Would you ever swallow a sward? 

A Video storyboard is a visual portrayal of how your video will unfold, shot by a shot which is made up several squares with images depicting each shot with notes. Just like a comic book version of the script. This trivia quiz...

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    A series of diagrams that are used to depict the composition of a video segment.

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    Which is the most common form of family in Western societies?

Interactive Video Quiz

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    How many seconds in length is an Interactive Video?

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Video Questions & Answers

What is the difference between HD and HDV?
HD is the shortcut for High Definition. This is the term used for the resolution of the video system that you are using. HD is said to be the upgrade of SD, which means standard definition. HDV is considered to be under HD. This means High Definition
What is the difference between VHS and DVD?
VHS is the short form of the Video Home System. Video and audio files are stored in it so that they can be replayed at any time. DVD is the short form of Digital Versatile Disc. It is used for the same purpose as VHS, but it doesn't work like VHS. Th
What is the difference between HQ and HD?
Usually, when we watch videos on YouTube, we are contented with the default video that is first played. Meanwhile there are different levels of quality in this video, the HQ and the HD. First of all, what do these mean or stand for? HQ stands for Hig
What is the difference between DivX and Xvid?
There are many differences between Divx and Xdiv. The two video codecs are used in compressing full-length videos into smaller sizes and the quality of the videos will still be maintained. The two codecs are easy to use and they are widely used becau