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The Scarlet Letter Questions & Answers

Which of the following does not die over the course of the novel?
Many years later,Hesterreturns alone, still wearing thescarlet letter, to live in her old cottage and resume her charitable work. She receives occasional letters from Pearl, who has married a European aristocrat and established a family of her own. W
Where does Hester go to live after she is released from prison?
Option C is correct Hester stayed on the outskirts of Boston after her release from prison. She lived in her little cottage with her daughter, Pearl. No one expected her her to wear the "A" but she constantly wore it on her chest. From th
Who makes Hester promise not to reveal his/her identity in The Scarlet Letter ?
1. Chillingworth, Roger ChillingworthA common mistake is to think that the answer is Dimmesdale. But the novel never recounts Dimmesdale telling Hester to keep his secret. The reader only knows that Hester refuses to tell the name of her partner. Chi
What does Hester make for Governor Winthrop?
Its actually a burial rope. She makes Govenor Billingham the gloves.