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Is it a deal or no deal? We need you to promise. Are you willing to commit to a gentleman's agreement? Are you ready to take "The Pact"? We mean the quizzes, by the way. Yes, here's a volume of quizzes on that 2002 New York Times Bestselling non-fiction autobiography by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt, and Lisa Frazier. If you're a fan of this book, then here's your chance to show how deeply you’ve embraced the lives of those three gentlemen. How well do you really know their story?

What obstacles did they have to manoeuvre around to reach their goals? How did it all eventually end? Are you ready for these quizzes? Do we have a deal on our hands? If all is settled, then let’s make "The Pact".

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  • What was the purpose of the "Three Doctors" in writing "The Pact?

  • What was Georges dream in Chapter 1?

  • Who was the "dominant figure" in Georges life?

  • What did Rameck’s parents both suffer from?
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  • Which of the following was not consistent for Rameck as he grew up?
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  • 1.       How was Rameck seen by his teachers?
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  • Which of the following describes the graduation the three doctors had?
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  •  In which of the following ways had they become like family to each other?
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  • What kind of attention did they get as a result of their success story?
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  • Where did George move to after he graduated from Seton Hall?

  • Where did George turn to for help when he got into a financial jam during med-school?

  • How did George get revenge for getting held up at gun point when he went back to Newark?