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The five ancestors is a series of young adult books which follows the story of five young monks from China who are warriors and are the only ones to survive the destruction and the raiding of their temple. Each of the Warriors has a particular animal kung Fu specialty and a Cantonese animal name.

There grandmaster is killed and they have to work to uncover their past and try to repair their lives. Each character as an animal name which also functions as one of the names for each of the seven books in the series. Books were published between 2003 and 2010. The book titles are: tiger, monkey, snake, crane, eagle, mouse, and Dragon. If you are a big fan of the main characters from this book series and you know all about it, put your skills to the test by taking the many quizzes we have on this series.

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The Five Ancestors Questions and Answers

  • Who's the author of this series? 

  • What's the first book called? 

  • What are these books about? 

  • When your friend talks to you when you dont want to talk about something, how do you react?

  • Your friend is in a bad situation. He or she was caught carrying your brothers most important thing- his storing device. What do you do?

  • You like someone who happens to be someone your friend likes. Your friend is spending more time with him or her than with you. What are you likely to do?