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We all have them, but how much do you know about teeth? Do you know how many teeth there are in an average human mouth? Do you know at what age most babies start to grow teeth? Do you also know what canines and incisors are?

Our quizzes are designed to really test your knowledge about teeth, so why not give them a try? Do you know what damage plaque can do to teeth and what happens when wisdom teeth are impacted? You have visited many dentists over the years but have you asked them what their job entails? Try one of our quizzes about teeth, and you’ll find out. 
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    The letter A is pointing to what type of teeth?

Health Quiz

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    How many teeth does a child have?

This quiz on horses teeth covers a lot of material from the C and B-A manual, as well as other online sources.

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     Two stable vices that can hurt a pony’s teeth are:

We need our teeth to eat or chew on the things that we eat on a daily basis. For dentists and people with dental issues, this is the quiz for you as it aims to find out what you know about teeth.

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    What are teeth?

Shows if you need braces just answer the questions for a perfect answer!!!!

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    Do you have an under bite?

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Teeth Questions & Answers

What causes sensitivity in the tooth?
Tooth sensitivity has become a common problem nowadays and there are about 40 million adults in the United States who suffer from this problem. Yes, you read it right! I mean 40 million is such a huge number and we can’t ignore this fact. There
What is the difference between Cavity and Pit?
Cavity and pit are two examples of English words with different meanings. By this, I mean English words that are used in different areas. For instance, the cavity and pit are two terms used in the field of dentistry. Cavity means a hollow area within
What are teeth made of?
Around the very outside of your teeth is enamel. Enamel is the most robust material in the entire body. Enamel is mostly fabricated of calcium phosphate, which is a tough mineral. Beneath the enamel is a part of the tooth called dentin, which is the
What chemical is used to fill up the pulu in the teeth during a root canal?
Root canals are usually performed with the aid of a local anesthetic which is a pain-blocking medication that numbs a specific area of the body. Sodium hypochlorite is a significant component of the chemical preparation. The dentist places a rubber s
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