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Here it is – the ultimate teen quiz page. You won’t find better on the web! We’ve put together these questions for teens everywhere. Whether you’re answering questions on famous teens, or taking a personality quiz to find out what kind of teenager you are, we’ve got something for everyone right here!

We’ve all been a teen – it’s a time of confusing emotions and plenty of angst. Sometimes it’s great to feel like someone understands – and our quizzes certainly do! We’ve put them together with teens in mind, so they’re all age-appropriate and plenty of fun. Enjoy!
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Find out what type of person you are...on the inside.

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 957   |  Last updated: Dec 14, 2012
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    You are in line for your school snack bar. Someone you don't recognize pushes past you in line. So you-

The quiz is my first one to ever make so i made it enjoyable for all teens.

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 2660   |  Last updated: Jan 16, 2013
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    How does all of your friends describe you?

Sleep is food for the brain.  You can look bad, you may feel moody, and you may perform poorly.  Sleepiness can make it hard to get along with your family and friends and hurt your scores on school exams, on the...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 8292   |  Last updated: Jan 10, 2013
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    During sleep, your brain is inactive

A short quiz on media awareness to test your knowledge. 

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 1390   |  Last updated: Jan 28, 2013
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    Every time you visit a website or use an online device, other people or third parties have access to what you were doing and looking at while online.

There are Werewolves, Were-coyotes, Were-Jaguars, Kanimas, Banshees, Kitsune, and Lindigo.

Questions: 5  |  Attempts: 998   |  Last updated: Jul 21, 2014
  • Sample Question
    What group are you in at school?


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You cannot make up for lost sleep
False-sleep loss doesnt dissipate into thin air; it accumulates. every hour you are awake builds your sleep debt and you need to repay that debt. every night we need a minimum of eight hours to repay being up for 16 hours. one long night of sleep, ho
If you become drowsy while driving, open the windows, turn up the music and/or get a cup of coffee to stay awake
False-if you need to sleep, no amount of cold air in your face, loud music or caffeine will keep you alert enough to drive. the only thing to do if you become tired at the wheel is to pull into a safe area and take a power nap. however, this will ref
After being awake for 20 hours, you can be justas impaired as a drunk driver.
TrueStudies of people who were awake for 20 hours showed a decline in both performance and response rates on the road similar to those who have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) equivalent to being legally drunk (0.08%). Drowsy drivers put themselv