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  • What is the order of an IM?
    What is the order of an IM?
    Fky, Back, Breast, Free

  • Which of the following are ways to prevent nose diving?
    Which of the following are ways to prevent nose diving?
    1. pop up quickly-2. get all of your weight to the back of the board-3. turn your board across the face of the wave-get all of your weight to the back of the board.if you are still working on your quick pop-up, the easiest way to prevent a nose dive is to shift all of your weight to the back of the board. push the board out in front of you with the majority of your body off the back of the board. this will prevent the board from aiming straight down into the water. once you reach the bottom of the wave, you can pull yourself back on the wave and stand up.stand up quickly!if you catch a wave that breaks straight over, you will need to stand up quickly or else you should expect a lot of salt water up your nose. practice the quick pop-up on the sand and at home so it will come natural when you are out in the water. turn your board.if you would like to catch wave that has a peak, then start paddling for the wave with your board turned away from the peak at a 45 degree angle from the beach (instead of paddling straight forward). you will have to paddle stronger since you will have more friction from paddling at an angle.

  • How are parents expected to interact during a pre-school lesson?
    How are parents expected to interact during a pre-school lesson?
    They should be sitting in view of the child during the lesson, but not interacting in the lesson.

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