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We’ve heard of it so many times and yet we do not fully know what it is? Or do we? Do you think you have what it takes to give all the right answers to these ROM quizzes? Do you have enough information stored to accurately give all the answers and finish these quizzes?

If you do then you should try it but not before looking at some fresh sample questions. These are just a few of the things you’ll have to answer: Data stored in ROM can only be modified slowly or with difficulty, or not at all, so it is mainly used to distribute what? ROM commonly refers to memory that is read-only in normal operation, while reserving the fact of what? What are the systems where ROM and flash are prevalent? Answer and become the champion quiz solver.
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A ROM chip is a non-volatile storage medium and does not require a constant source of power to retain the information stored on it. A RAM chip is volatile so it loses any information it is holding when the power is turned...

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    RAM stands for...

If you like answering specifically designed questions that touch on RAM and ROM trivia then try out this quiz. All computer geeks, this is for you. It is quite simple therefore it will be easy to answer.

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    State whether each statement is True or False A touch screen is necessary on home computers

To provide students with a better understand on the functions of RAM and ROM

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    RAM and ROM are   

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    Read Only Memory

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ROM Questions & Answers

What is the difference between ROM and RAM?
Two from: ROM can only be read from; 1 can be used for data and programs which are needed all the time. 1 RAM can be read from AND written to; 1 Volatile/temporary lost when power lost; 1 used for programs currently in use. 1 Read Only M
What do we store in ROM?
Read-only memory, ROM, is usually found in computers and other electronic devices as a storage medium. Impliedly, data that are stored in ROM can only be read and it is almost impossible or even difficult to modify them. ROM is also another form of a
ROM is read only and cannot be written to.
Actually it s not as simple as that....Many modern types of ROM allow you to write data to it as well as read!
A computer has two types of memory, RAM and ROM.What is RAM used for?
One from Temporary memory to store data until PC is turned off To store my work/user data To hold data/programs during processing. Anything that implies temporary to change data To store data you want to edit