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We have a serious issue. We have to be at a meeting in a few minutes and we have to get something printed really fast. There might be a printer upstairs but it is very difficult to use and we do not know if we can start it.

Can you help us get these things printed as fast as possible? Do you know enough about printers in order to do this? Here are some of the questions that might arise: What was the year when the solid ink technology was first introduced? Laser printers employ a xerographic printing process, but how do they differ from analog photocopiers? How are letters drawn with the impact matrix printing technology? Answer these and a few more to pass the printer quizzes.
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Basic questions on the types of printers

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    Which printer is an impact printer

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    What is the most common use of the following :

This is a quiz that tests knowledge of printers,for the 220-601 has questions on printers,the laser printing process,and troubleshooting

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    Bob is taking up digital photography ,and he wants a printer that enable him to print his photos,with the best results.What printer would you recommend?

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    printers can be divided up into how many main types?

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    What website do you go to to learn how to recycle printer cartridges?

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Printer Questions & Answers

Who produced the laser printer?
Gary Starkweather produces laser printers.
Are dot matrix printers still used?
Dot matrix printers have always been known as the first style of printer that was made compatible with home computers. Innovation in technology have certainly made them a thing of the past but the thing is that dot martix printers are still being use
How do laser printers not burn the page?
When one thinks of laser and with laser printers, one of the first things that come to mind is why don't the laser in the printer burn the page. A laser printer works the same way that a photocopier does in the sense that it employs and uses a beam o